Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Fullscale Soulstorm OldmanSunrayMdcertainty 850KB 2000
No Fliers fuggles 2KB 330
Fullscale Soulstorm OldmanSunrayMdcertainty 29.39MB 5047
Soulstorm Quick Fix CornCobMan 20KB 634
Transport Aircraft Asmaedus 1.71MB 1483
Master's Military Manifest Mod MasterMarine94 877KB 1111
Master's Military Manifest Mod MasterMarine94 1.18MB 1882
Burning Skys Mod Kamino 33KB 927
Milkman's Big Banners and Badges Pack - Soulstorm Milkman 824KB 2923
Master's Military Manifest Mod MasterMarine94 785KB 6875
HQ Units Mod Miguel Echavarria 5.28MB 745
Companies of Battle Reaper297 2.24MB 2546
This Is War Reaper297 369KB 401
HQ Units Mod Kontuz 267KB 1027
Mobilize for war - Soulstorm jonnylove 648KB 2725
Mobilize for War - SoulStorm V1.1 jonnylove 673KB 3468
Word of the Emperor fuggles 38KB 257
Mobilize for War jonnylove 1.18MB 3711
Ultimate Modifications Phaselar 64KB 1162
Abmient FX - Soulstorm Mr_Pattle 11KB 973
SoulStorm Mobilize For War V1.3 jonnylove 1.2MB 1184
SOUL HURRICANE Mod Jarok 15.42MB 13068
Ambient FX - Soulstorm Mr_Pattle 11KB 656
Soulstorm Mobilize for war 1.4 jonnylove 1.2MB 2814
Tower Defence [SS] fuggles 80.69MB 1527
Imperial metal taskbar Maxxta 145KB 355
Chaos Buildings - First Blood - SS Sgt_Rotten 52.59MB 4893
Combiner mod for SS Matty 959B 3115
Tyranid Mod 0.45SS Tyranid Mod Team 49.23MB 24477
Half Scale w Triple Caps CWolfie001 5.38MB 902
Demonic PSM flamer FX phoenix717 10KB 714
Advanced Skirmish AI for Steel Legions (when working in Soulstorm) Steel Leion Mod Team 556KB 2147
Custom Taskbars phoenix717 303KB 340
Daemonic Eldar FX phoenix717 30KB 567
New race skeleton Maxxta 21.91MB 1511
SpaceWolf Company Leif Sternwolf Wolfspriester 12KB 165
Confessor's Badge/Banner Pack Confessor 553KB 1381
[TM] badge and banners Maxxta 15KB 548
Shark badge and banner pack Mowen4567 5KB 383
chaos devil worshiper badge and banner pack Mowen4567 16KB 513
CID's badges and banners 1 CID_vader 1.03MB 1439
Lords of Decay Banner and Badge Yanlou 42KB 371
Apostles of Minthras banner and badge set Yanlou 24KB 425
The Purged banner and badge set Yanlou 15KB 231
Brotherhood of Darkness banner and badge set Yanlou 22KB 374
Flawless Host banner and badge set Yanlou 26KB 247
Hakanor Reaver Yanlou 776B 231
Oracles of Change Yanlou 13KB 162
The Reborn banner and badge Yanlou 33KB 281
Skull Takers banner and badge Yanlou 29KB 299