A Clean Incision (4)

Starting points 1 and 3 are both easily defendable, with places to easily choke your enemy. Starting point 1 has very easy access to resourc...


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Starting points 1 and 3 are both easily defendable, with places to easily choke your enemy. Starting point 1 has very easy access to resources but is extremely cramped. I've only ever been able to function properly in there with Eldar, all others needed a 2nd base somewhere. On the other hand, starting point 3 is spacious and easy to build on, but has poor access to resources.

Starting points 2 and 4 aren't as easily defendable, being out in the open and all. However, they do still have their pros and cons. Starting point 2 has quick access to quite a few strategic points, a critical point, and even a relic if you go for it early. Starting point 4 is a little more isolated, but has much more surrounding cover, and perhaps their most important weapon: the pipeline.

You can send units through the pipe that runs between points 1 and 4. If enemy units outside the pipe hear them or notice they're in there, they'll still shoot at you through the pipe walls, which provide heavy cover, but aren't impenatrable. They can climb up onto the city level through the interior of the factory structure the pipe connects to.

Other than that, units inside buildings get light cover, units in large craters get heavy cover, and units scrambling over rubble or wading through the stream get negative cover.

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To install, extract the contents to:

C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm(or Dark Crusade)DXP2datascenariosMP

Now I'll just explain a little about the map.

I've included a map showing suggested movements in red (with the large red arrow indicating the ONLY place you can get tracked vehicles into the city, so hold it well), critical capture points in yellow, and chokepoints in blue.

I'm not going to include any restrictions on permissions for it. If you want to use it for anything, go ahead, it's a compliment to me. It's my first map, so play nice.

My apologies for the ridiculously long readme.


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