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This is a version of Fuggles' ambient FX mod, with the SCAR files editted to effect the new units included in Soulstorm. I did not make th...


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This is a version of Fuggles' ambient FX mod, with the SCAR files editted to effect the new units included in Soulstorm. I did not make this mod, Fuggles did, but I have his permission to release this.

The Mod adds two new victory conditions to the game, 'Day and Night', and 'Weather'. The day/night shortens and lengthens line of sight across a seven minute cycle, and the weather comes in three types: Snow, Rain, and Sleet. Sleet slows morale regeneration, Snow slows movement speed, and Rain shortens sight range. for a full description of effects, check the readme - it hasn't changed since Fuggles' original version.

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Download 'ambient_fx_soulstorm.zip' (11KB)

The Ambient FX Mod - Soulstorm
--By Fuggles, Soulstormed by Mr Pattle--

 -released with premission from Fuggles-

 [1] Introdution
 [2] Orgininal Readme (where most of the important information is)
 [3] Soulstorm Readme
 [4] Credit given where credit is due
 [5] Adding additional units

    This mod is by fuggles.  It is almost entirely his work.  I simply added new units to be effected by the mod, so that it would work with all the new units of soulstorm.
    It *Should* now have the original intended effect, on all Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle units, as well as the new aircraft & deciever units.
    I have tested it several times, but if it does not effect any unit, please feel free to e-mail me, at [email protected]  I will try and fix it.
    If you experience any problems with the actually mechanics of the mod, you'd be better off contacting fuggles - I won't know how to fix that.

[2] ORIGINAL README - this is literally just a copy & paste of the readme to Fuggle's Ambient FX mod

    The Ambient FX Mod is a pair of win conditions that adds some ambient effects to your game of Dawn of War Dark Crusade. Originally part of the dynamic map concept, the scripts started as plain map SCAR, but I figure that if I put it out as a toggleable winconditions then it might be of greater benefit to
    the mod community.

    I don't really intend this to be a full mod as such, I'd rather people slotted it into the mod that they use... At least this way if you can't mod you can have a look and if you have some modding ability then you will be able to sort it out from the files here. Basically it only supports the base Dark Crusade races, unless you open the SCAR files and add any new units to those.

    The win conditions are:

    Daynight - Light Cycling.
    Causes your line of sight to drop and increase during 7 minute day and night cycles. You will notice a gradual change in your LoS during the transition between day and night. This makes melee units much more effective at night as you can get much nearer before the incoming fire incomes.

    Weather - Random Weather Conditions
    When the level loads you have a 33% chance of there being a weather condition in your game.
    Broadly speaking the weather in game will be
    rain - affects line of sight
    sleet - affects morale regeneration, the heavier the sleet the worse the regeneration.
    snow - affects unit speed, the heavier the snow the worse the slowing.

    The weather types have subsets, so they might be intermittent, constant or of altering severity.

    Owing to the way DoW generates random numbers, you have to drop out to the game menu if you want it to generate a new starting condition, pressing restart won't be enough - go figure!

    Put the .module file and the folder into your Dark Crusade root directory (the one containing DARKCRUSADE.exe) and then ambient FX will appear in your game manager.

    This is version 1.1, please let me know what you think. Hopefully all the bugs have been squished, but please let me know if you find any problems and I'll get them fixed right up for you. 



    There is very little change to the original, just (obviously) swap any mention of dark crusade above, with soulstorm.
    The day/night and weather still have exactly the same effect, and you just need to extract the files into your soulstorm main directory for it work.

    As I cannot stress enough, this is almost entirely Fuggles' work, not mine.  I would not want anyone thinking I had made this, as I didn't.
    in fact, I have almost no ability in SCAR coding.  This means that if you wish to release anything based on this mod, ask fuggles, not me.  as I said, I DON'T OWN THIS MOD.

[5] HOW TO ADD MORE UNITS TO THE MOD - copied from original readme

    To run AmbientFX with other mods you will have to edit the .module file of the mod that you want to run and add AmbientFX as a require mod. Something like
    RequiredMod.4 = AmbientFX

    This will then call the AmbientFX mod when you run your mod.

    To add the mod units, tou will next have to open up the two .SCAR file located in AmbientFX/data/scar/winconditions - notepad will suffice.

    In these you will find long lists of squads or entities and basically you have to add the new buildings/units to this list so that they are affected by the changes. You can either get the names from the mod's .SGA files using Mod Packager or Corsix tools, or by using the Map Editor to put units down and look at their names...Perhaps I will release lists for people to plug in if there is demand.

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