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This is a new version of the Ambient FX soulstorm mod, which renders the previous version completely obsolete, as it did not work. Hopefull...


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This is a new version of the Ambient FX soulstorm mod, which renders the previous version completely obsolete, as it did not work. Hopefully the mod will now have the intended effect, and I have also made a couple of other corrections/adjustments, the most important of which being that aircraft are no longer effected by snow.

For a full description of what the mod is, and what it does, please check the readme

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 ___ ___  _________ ______  ________    _____   _
// ||//|||| ))|||   || ||| || |   ||    //
||=|||| / ||||=)||||== ||||  ||     ||==  )X(
|| ||||    ||||_))|||___|| ||  ||     ||   // 

  __ ___ __ ____   ___________ _______  ___
 (( Y/ || ||||  ((  || // || |//|| V.1.2
  ((   ))| ||||     ||((   ))|_//| / ||
 _))_//_//||___)) || _//|| |    ||

[1] Introduction
[2] What this mod does
[3] How to install
[4] Changes from 1.1
[5] How to combine with another mod
[6] Editting/Redistributing
[7] Contact me

[1] Introduction

This is the Ambient FX mod for Soulstorm.  It is based on the original AmbientFX mod by Fuggles, and remains almost entirely the same.
Fuggles' original (Dark Crusade) version can be found here:;85992.  All I have done that
makes this any different to the original is to make effect all the new units added to soulstorm.

[2] What this mod does

The mod adds two new victory conditions to the game, one called 'weather' and the other 'day and night'.  These are not victory conditions
in the sense that they change what you need to do to win - soulstorm will force you to select at least one other that does.  Below are
discriptions of what each will do:

	[1] Day and Night
	If enabled, this will cause a cycling of line of sight range adjustments.  The game begins at dawn, and each day lasts 5 minutes 30.
	This means that 5:30 into the game, you will reach sunset, and your line of sight will shorten dramatically.  The night will last
	another 5:30, meaning that the next dawn will be a little way into the 11th minute of the game. (each sunrise/sunset takes a few
	seconds, so it won't change at exactly 11:00) Night is the best time for close combat armies, as you will be able to get your troops
	much nearer your opponent before they see you.

	[2] Weather

	Weather is a little more complicated. If enabled, there is a 1/2 chance that you will get a weather effect.  If the game decides that
	there will be a weather effect, it then picks randomly between rain, sleet, and snow.  the selection process is illustrated below:

	   No weather effect
 	/		  Rain
     (1/2) 	    (1/3)/
	   Weather effect--(1/3)--Sleet

               hopefully that made sense.  If it didn't, ignore it.

	Each weather effect will be shown on screen, and have a different effect on your units:
	Rain - shortens line of sight.  Varies in strength.
	Sleet - Slows morale regeneration.  Varies in strength.
	Snow - Slows units movement speed.  Varies in strength (has no effect on aircraft).

[3] How to install

Extract the zip folder to your Soulstorm directory.  (Default C:program filesTHQdawn of war - soulstorm).  Make sure that there is now a folder
in that directory called ambientfx, and a file called ambient_fx_soulstorm.module.
Run soulstorm, and press 'game manager'. select the mod in the list, and press enable.

[4] Changes from 1.1

> It now works. (or should do)
> Added "space_marine_generator" (plasma generator, not thermo) to daynight.scar - I had left it off before.
> Added "ork_squad_slugga" - Also previously missing
> Snow no longer slows aircraft - I realised that it didn't really make sense.  I may change this at a later date if it seems unbalanced.

[5] How to combine with another mod

If you have another mod that you regularly use, and want to have the Day/night and weather options availible in this mod, follow these instructions:
	[1] Open the .module file of the mod you wish to combine this with. (can be opened in notepad)
	[2] Find where it says "RequiredMod.1 = DXP2" and "RequiredMod.2 = W40K".
	[3] Beneath these, add the line "RequiredMod.3 = ambient_fx_soulstorm".  If there is already a 3rd required mod, add it beneath the last one,
	    and change the number approprietely.

It sold now work.  Note that you should edit the mod you wish to use ambient fx with, not ambient fx.  When I tried doing it that way round, it did not work.

[6] Editting/Redistributing

This is not my mod.  almost all the work was done by Fuggles.  Feel free to edit this mod in any way, but do not rerelease it without asking permission from
Fuggles.  (He's very nice, so he'll probably let you).

[7] Contact me

If you wish to contact me about anything regarding this mod (particularly if I've broken it again) feel free to e-mail me at mark[at]jklmp[dot]org[dot]uk.
I will hopefully reply to you fairly soon.

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