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Following the "Third War for Armageddon", Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka fled from the system in a modified Space Hulk. He was pursued by High Marshal Helbrecht and an entire Crusade of the Black Templars Space Marines. It was reported that Commissar Yarrick joined the pursuit heading a large imperial guard force.

Details of the pursuit are not known but it was found that Ghazghkull landed the ork way (crashed) on the remote planet CX145-23. Battle soon restarted with its pursuers arrival.

Once again, Ghazghkull found his way to escape while leaving many of his troops on the planet. Once again, High Marshal Helbrecht and Commissar Yarrick went after him. However, they ordered some troops to stay and clear the planet from the remaining orks.

It has been uncounted years since the departure of the space ships, and, still, they are fighting...

Folly took over the once faithful armies and they would not recognise anymore leaders or friends. Their only goal that remains is to exterminate the other side and anyone that may show up on the planet in a murderous frenzy.

Time has NOW come to put an END.

Assault Battlefield is multiplayer Co-op map that allows you to player cooperatively with up to 2 other people online; however, if you wish, you can still play this alone in skirmish. Your goal is obviously to annihilate the other two teams controlled by the computer! Each player starts with their own preset bases, and have to work together to defeat the large Ork warband. This is no walk in the park as the computer will kick some serious ass, depending on what difficulty level you have chosen; on insane difficulty (I recommend you not to play on this setting if your new to the map) you will see some insane battles as Space Marines and Imperial Guard, and Ork via for victory. This map is also nicely constructed and well laid out; however, there are some lack of detail, for example: The Ork side of the map lacks objects or decals as there are mainly hills and such, it would be nice if they turned it into a jungle theme.

Overall, if your looking for map which will provide you and friends hours of fun, then this is definitely the map for you!

Here is a changelog for v1.1 : corrected SCAR error when defender is killed before all its units are revealed corrected SCAR error when squad with attached leader is killed while capturing a point removed debug SCAR messages in console updated code for compatibility with Fortress II



Type: Assault of heavily defended positions 

Players: 3 humans or AIs  - vs -  3 AIs 

v1.1 : 
- corrected SCAR error when defender is killed before all its units are revealed
- corrected SCAR error when squad with attached leader is killed while capturing a point
- removed debug SCAR messages in console
- updated code for compatibility with Fortress II


This map is designed for up to three cooperative players joining to annihilate the two other teams controlled by the computer.

Map can be played in skirmish by 1 player alone and up to 3 players can join together using LAN or Internet. 

This map is the result of a team work. We want to thank Kirigi, Ira Aduro, Kyralan and everyone on the forum for their help in making this map.

Hope you will enjoy playing as much as we did!

Dark40k & Gunfood.

- Do not try Insane on first game. Highest levels are designed for players who know the map very well and have found where lie the defense weak areas.

Install / Game Settings:
Installer provided: Unzip, Run Battlefield_1.0.exe and follow instructions.

Use the following setting for game:
- starting position locked : starting positions must not be exchanged
- High rate income : not necessary but useful
- victory condition: annihilation or HQ
- game level : as you wish. We recommend to start with easy or standard!

Players can join for positions 1 to 3. 
Positions 4 to 6 are reserved for defending AIs, best experience is found with all defenders active.

Teams and defenders races are set automatically. It is only needed to set the defending players as AIs and let the code to the rest: You can leave race random. (Though the Badges/Banners may appear incorrect. To be sure, set Player 4 to IG, 5 to SM and 6 to Ork and select Armys as you wish.)


The goal is to conquer all 26 zones of the map while facing growing opposition from the AIs.
Zones are delimited on the minimap with green frontiers. Capture all points within a zone to take it, the AI will then stop rebuilding the defending troops and buildings.
The AI will start launching counter-attacks if one or more points are taken in a zone. Counter attacks will stop when the attack source zone is taken or the attack source buildings are destroyed.

Infantry bunkers are filled with squads when finished, and Listening Posts are built with all upgrades: so don't let them being reconstructed!

AI has nearly unlimited resources: you will need strategy and good cooperation to get through! On Insane level, expect 2-3 hours playing and >5000 units dead!!!!


AI additional Allies or Opponents:

The difficulty level changes depending on the game level and the number of allied players, regardless if they are human or AI. (e.g. Standard level with 1 Ally = Hard difficulty; Insane level with 2 Allies = Insane++ Difficulty)

However, the AI cannot simulate humans in this type of map. Using Allied AIs will rather increase difficulty. Also be aware that the squad and support cap is increased 3x when playing alone, and 1,5x when playing with 1 ally. You will not benefit from that if you are playing with 2 allies.

Informations / Questions:

If you have any questions or comments, then please post them on:

This map and associated scar files can be used as long as credit is given.

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