Battle Jungle (2)

From deep within the mountains and jungles of Vyvr IV they came, fierce and rabid, they dashed towards the outlying and secluded Imp...


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From deep within the mountains and jungles of Vyvr IV they came, fierce and rabid, they dashed towards the outlying and secluded Imperial Outpost at the Iostone Relic Structure. One by one they fell. The Orks that poured forth from the forests were massacred by las-guns, heavy bolters and turret emplacements. In the sky, Fighta-Bombers dropped their payloads before being shot into obliviion. Most bombs were destroyed before landfall, but a few damaged the Imperial Defenses. Warboss Big Bitz could've sworn he saw a daemonic entity striding past him, his warriors fought with renewed vigor all of a sudden, and like possessed animals they overran the Imperial defense, refusing to die. Warboss Big Bitz forgot all about the Daemon and the lust for battle poured over him. He released a giant WAAAGH! from his armoured maw, and charged.

You could the Imperials were beaten fair and square, but for most of the members of the investigation parties of the Inquisition, everything failed to add up, the defenses were holding them back with ease, the attack points were poorly chosen and an un-orky stench filled the air. Something about that place, that... Battle Jungle, wasn't quite right...

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Readme for Battle Jungle Map

------------ Installation -------------

Download and open the file. Unzip to program files>THQ>Dawn of War: Soultstorm>DXP2>Data>Scenarios>mp (in most cases it should recognise the path and automatically create the last two folders and put the map in the right place, but in some cases, manual placement will be required. Just copy the two map files, follow the links up to DXP2>Data and manually create Scenarios and mp, then paste the files into the mp folder)

I am sorry that there is no official minimap yet (lack of creation knowledge is a large cause) but the green map sums it up nicely and everything is clear due to the small map size.

------------ Credit and Permissions -------------

All credit for models etc. goes to Relic and THQ and the creator of the mod tools used. All credit for inspiration and the making of the map goes to me =D

Permission to use this map for projects other than gaming leisure (such as mods, or if you want to use it as a base for extention etc.) MUST be obtained DIRECTLY from me. Please do so via e-mail NOT chat-room (I need somewhere to save and archive it all). Thanks, I hope you enjoy the map.

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