Chaos Buildings 1.0

Add a "twist of Chaotic fog" all over Chaos Buildings and Supersize the vehicles of all races to fit with the GWS table top miniatur...


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Add a "twist of Chaotic fog" all over Chaos Buildings and Supersize the vehicles of all races to fit with the GWS table top miniatures. No changes about the gameplay for now.

Looks like an interesting mod for all you chaos players out there, chaos seems to be pretty popular right now. This mod adds a "chaos fog" on your chaos buildings for a more "chaosy" look. It also supersizes vehicle sizes.


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Download '' (2.47MB)

Chaos Buildings for SS 1.0

This little Mod, adds a freaky fog around all Chaos buildings, 
the more you build, the more the fog will creep around.
In fact I've simply used the effect of the Chaos Corruption and it 
looks kinda cool around Chaos buildings.
It's only a "foggy mod", the gameplay remains unchanged for now.
(I'll prolly make some changes later if this mod is ok for you all)
I've re-scaled the Support Units for all races, no change about the 
Squad Units.

extract to your Soulstorm directory 
C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm (usually)
and then use the game manager to select the mod. 

Soulstorm Campaign and Multiplayer


* Chaos
- Chaotic fog surronding all buildings.
- Rhino, Predator, Defiler, Hell Talon are bigger.
- Obliterators are a little smaller to fit with the TT Game.

* Other races
- All support units (supposed to be bigger) are... bigger (duh...) 
  except for the Dais of Destruction a little smaller to fit with 
  the Ravager and the Raider.

Nothing more for now, it's just a mini-mini mod but hope you'll enjoy.
(at least chaos players may be) I'll do other changes if people kinda like it.
Feel free to tell me if some re-scales are wrong.
Normaly, I've re-scaled some of the buildings too, but I don't know if people 
like it, so I only did it for the vehicules in this mod.

(Note) : this little mod can easily be adapted to other mods, or for DOW, 
WA, or even DC, but you've to know how to change some datas.

You can use this little modification if you enjoyed it, anyway it's not a 
hard work, I just did it for myself but if some people like it, feel free
to spread it or use it in your own mod and if you want give me credit.

The pictures with the vehicules are just here to state their size, I insist
on the fact that there's NO NEW MODELS in this mod. Models shown are coming
from the great "Firestorm over Kronus Mod" cuz I tried my modifications on 
this one first, and for my own use only. (many respect for the F.o.K.Team) 
I've only use the Relic models in my mod so anybody could play the 
Soulstorm Campaign with. 

Well that's all, I think, hope you'll enjoy and be kind if you can, it's my 
first mod post.

Sgt Rotten.

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