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The second Chapter... Add a Chaos fog around all chaos buildings, the fog has been added to the Defiler who provides it a kinda like protecting aura. Some changes added to some Chaos buildings such as the Sacrificial Circle, the modifications of the previous version and a complete dedication to the DEATH GUARD with new models.

Looks pretty good to me, there seems to be a lot of mods with reskins and graphic changes lately. It's a good idea, race mods are sooo old school.

- Heretic/Abbadon



Chaos Buildings v.1.2
Choose your Doom between 5 Chaos legions and many new models
Alpha Legion, Death Guard, Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors and World Eaters. I have done one Readme for all 5. (individual changes will come in times)

Well, it is still about "the freaky C fog" around chaos buildings to give them a more "Chaosy" look, the supersizes of all vehicles and improvements. But... now you can play with different models without affecting Soulstorm gameplay, models generously shared by the Firestorm Team ( see all credits about models, badges, banners and reskins at the end of this Readme, there are a lot of them :) )

Chaos Building AL v1.2 for the Alpha Legion
Chaos Building DG v1.2 for the Death Guard
Chaos Building EC v1.2 for the Emperor's Children
Chaos Building IW v1.2 for the Iron Warriors
Chaos Building WE v1.2 for the World Eaters

Pick the Chapter you prefer. (personnaly I couldn't so I did 5 differents mods)

extract to your Soulstorm directory 
C:  Program Files   THQ   Dawn of War - Soulstorm (usually)
and then use the game manager to select the mod. 

Soulstorm Campaign and Multiplayer



* General
- A new welcome screen dedicated to each of the 5 chapters, I think I still have to   work on it, anyway it is for the fun of the thing itself that s all :)

* Chaos
- Sacrificial Circle can now be build anywhere and projects an aura where you can build but only have 1 slot now. It makes them more usefull but weaker if not defended.
- Greater Sacrificial Circle can be build anywhere but has no build area
- Defiler is now surrounded by "the C fog"Who said the Rotten's fog Oo !?, the aura is smaller but affects morale 
- New Chaos Lord, Chaos Marine, Chaos sorcerer, Possessed Marine, 
  Aspiring Champion, Obliterator models and skins (depends of the chapter you picked. They are all different)
- New Badge and Banner (for the 5 Chaos chapters only)
- Added all the major Units in the army painter

* Space Marines
- I did a new skin for the Tactical Marine, which added red eyes on the pectoral           skull, the helmet is now team colourable, so now you can play with a buncha white helmets veterans if you want. (or any colour you want anyway - assault marine and terminator coming soon)
- I reworked a little the Apothecary, the Scouts.
- I have added 2 new colour-scheme for the Ultramarines and the Space Wolves 


* Chaos
- My new skin for the cultists only the pectoral armour is team colorable 
  making them more neutral and their 8 pointed star tatoo looks now like
  it is carved and deep burnt on their face
- Hell Talon speed and sight increased 2 times (as other races)

* Other races
- All Flying Units speed increased 2 times faster and their sight radius is 2 times larger (after all they are in the sky)
- All Artillery Unit weapon range increased 2 times (Basilisk, Whirlwind, etc) This is cuz of their new size.


* Chaos
- Chaotic fog surronding all buildings.
- Rhino, Predator, Defiler, Hell Talon are bigger.
- Obliterators are a little smaller to fit with the TT Game.

* Other races
- All support units (supposed to be bigger) are... bigger (duh...) 
  except for the Dais of Destruction a little smaller to fit with 
  the Ravager and the Raider.

CREDITS (let me take my breath first :) )

All the news models was generously shared with the community by one of the best team ever : the Firestorm Team (check to their great mod, Firestorm over Kronus, if you like the TT Game you will more than enjoy this mod I assure you)

Thanks to the Firestorm Team so, for their amazing models.
In no particular order here comes the team :

 *** Hangar-8 
 *** MEGAzogg 
 *** MadMaffMan 
 *** Hybris
 *** dibujante
 *** BigFish
 *** Methuselath
 *** Medes
 *** Mirage Knight
 *** Tovarich
 *** Messenger

(sorry if I forgot some of you guys, let me know if I did :) )

For his wonderfull Badges and Banners :

 *** Hangar-8 

(still him) I encourage you to check his awesome job on his site, I only picked 5 Chaos chapters, but there is a lot more, and not only for chaos,  you will find e-ve-ry-thing ! 

For his really good job on the reskin specially the Death Guard and the Iron Warriors (in my opinion but they all look really great that's why I couldn't choose) :

 *** Sir_Suckalot

(I have used most of his colour scheme but I changed some)


Let me know if something seems to be wrong, for the moment some stuff are wrong like the sorcerer in the World Eaters chapter, or the Horrors etc.., but it's still a first blood mod, so I prefered to see the reaction of people before diving head first. That s all for now, hope you will enjoy. And have good games.

Sgt Rotten

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