Close Quarters



Close Quarters is a packed together urban map for quick & mostly bloody battles. Its very small so you cant help but find something to shoot inside the first minute or so. Mostly focused around infantry combat because of the many choke points this is a great map for players who enjoy watching their men slug it out, without having to worry about some massive tank coming along & start blowing holes in all your guys. It is possible to get vehicles but due to lack of space for building it can be difficult.

Its most fun played on deathmatch because you can start throwing piles of guys out there in the first few minutes & get right into it. Standard play is significantly slower & usually the player who wins the first battle will hold the upper hand for the rest of the match.

- 2 Players - 6 Strategic Points - 1 Critical Location



To install extract files to:

C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - SoulstormDXP2DataScenariosMP

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