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This is the smallest full race mod you will probably ever see, it has three old units from dow 1 (guardsmen, colonel Brom, Lemun Russ)also o...


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This is the smallest full race mod you will probably ever see, it has three old units from dow 1 (guardsmen, colonel Brom, Lemun Russ)also one building (dropship), unfortunately i did not do any modeling. I would accept any help i can on making this mod, plz report any bugs here or email me. Please try it out, this is a one-of-a-kind mod.

Also most of the scar is taken from Steel legion dc,

So as i said in the read me big thanks to the steel legion mod team, sorry I am no scar expert.

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This is my first phase of my first mod, and might be really imbalanced. All it does is make a new race original guard. Which uses the guardmen and tanks from Dow 1 and makes it into a separate race. It only has 3 units and 1 building, no resources yet, but its playable. Try it out there is no mod like it.No team color sorry.I know this mod needs lots of improvement, ill try my best to improve it. 


Just copy all the files in the zip into where you installed soulstorm. Then select it via mod manager and your good to go.

Change Log (when i say old i mean from Dow 1) 

- Old Lemun Russ available at the dropship

- Leman Russ is a heavy tank now to compete with relic units

- Old guardmen available at the dropship

- Can capture points, armor buffed up to be a good main soldier able to chalange other races' main soldiers 

- Colonel Brom serves as your camander capable of repairing(i hope)

- All units have no limits and are free, but take a long time to make


Thanks to

-Relic and ThQ and Iron Lore for making the game

-Games Workshop for making up W 40k

-Steel Legion mod team for their inspiration, guidence and scar I used in this mod


If you can give any help to the mod,mostly giving criticism, errors, and other stuff i haven't noticed, i will really appreciate it

Please email me and forgive me for my bad grammar at


or post on dow files

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