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Ok so I've become addicted to FX and while I dont exactly follow fluff (deamonic GKs, etc), I do LOVE seeing cool and preferably, evil or co...


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Ok so I've become addicted to FX and while I dont exactly follow fluff (deamonic GKs, etc), I do LOVE seeing cool and preferably, evil or corrupt fx when it comes to my armies. Hence, I give you my next works on Eldar. First up is a re-done Fleet of Foot fx. Totally redone, 100% I made it from scratch and I'm quite happy with it. Its nice to look at when you're dancing alot or are being raped and DR whatever the case be. It also is quite a bit more noticable which makes it impossible to not notice if you missed a squad when micro'ing several units. This one is primarily dark/bright purple however I have done a red version of it which I will release later when I have more time. Then I redid the Fire prism blast. Its nothing spectacular but its "different" which after all these years is nice and I know some of you will agree. Screenshots show only so much as there are several parts that are just impossible to catch with pictures.

I then redid Fire Dragons.... took me 6.5 hours actually hahaha. While it is technically "original", it is still pretty much the normal FD just evil. While I was unhappy with the orange lines and red globs that relic gave us, they did have it right on with the type of fx to go with their fire animation so I couldnt exactly make them fire lightning or something like Dark Lances(well i pry could but i like this better). I darkened the basic glow of the gun and totally redid the muzzle fire and projectile. its now a dark matter orb thing, looks pretty cool if you zoom in and is still nice to look at when in the default view. Contact animation is fitting of the new projectile. I cant please everyone but would still appreciate any ideas or comments you provide, I like knowing peoples thoughts of my works + it helps as I become better with the FX tool.

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Download 'eldar.zip' (30KB)

To install!

place the unzipped folder in this file path, create any files missing and make sure they are exactly as is (no caps)

SS directory-dxp2-data-art-fx- *place folder here*

To remove, just delete, or if you want to get rid of only specific fx,

explosions folder=fire prism fx


medium=Fire Dragons

You dont have to ask my permission to use this in a mod or whatever however please give me credit and if you would be so kind, send me
a pm or something saying so.



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