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OK, here it is Plain & Simple: My Mod Add a Shadow Map to All Units.

-= *"I Work For the People and NOT for Fame"* =- Which giv...


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OK, here it is Plain & Simple: My Mod Add a Shadow Map to All Units.

-= *"I Work For the People and NOT for Fame"* =- Which give you the right to do whatever you want with this file, and i truly mean whatever ! I don't even require you to credit me. Do it Only if you want, Indeed, i'll appreciate if you do... and you'll earn my respect, But once again, it's up to you. OK, Mod-Team... The things is ALL yours, this is your Written Agreement ! Tweak it to your need, re-post it online, even claim it's your own ! it's ok you know.... ( lol ) Working Hard to get what i wish for, then helping Other getting their wishes too, So we may ALL step up to a higher level of learning, "This" my freind... Is the way of the Furreto. ---- Lurking in the Shadow... ---- -= EL Furreto, the One and Only =-

This is a mod that adds shadow mapping to all the units, it seems quite clever - and also there appears to be an IP agreement which says 'do what you want' - I like this now :D - Heretic/Abbadon

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Download 'el_furretos_soulstorm_shadowmod.zip' (4.63MB)

	-= Shadowmod =- 
EL Furreto, The One and Only
	-Working for the people, not for Fame
Shadow Mapping For All Unit:

It is possible and relatively easy to do, you just have to change the Default Setting of EVERY unit. 
But you won't need to do so,
Cause i already made yourself the complet package...
Plus, i took the liberty of making a 256x256 pixel "L8" Shadow Texture, which i called... "Shadow.tga"
So be sure the you copied the thing to the right place, but if you don't play with the files after downloading
(Like many Do...)
Then you should be ok, and everything should be right in-game.
1) Unzip the package,
2) Put "Furreto's Shadow Mod" on desktop ( it's shortcut all set up with command and stuff to Play ShadowMod )
3) Run the Installer
5) read carefuully the rest of this file... ( ya, as if ! )
6) Mod team check "Written_permission.txt"
7) CHECK MY LOGO !! what are you waiting for ?


Read this section if you have trouble and whatever you do DON'T mail me please... 
i'm on Relic Forum, join me there... 
Really, Don't mail me, i still got around 10 Help Request by week 
For mod i've made 2 years ago. 

1) Things to check before asking me "who do i make your mod work"
	-First, do i need to say it won't work at Low / Med Graphic Setting...
	-Ok i'll do it...(sigh) YOU NEED TO SET DETAIL LEVEL TO HIGH !!
	-Make sure that the "Shadow.tga" is localed within this folder:
Program FilesTHQDawn of War - SoulstormShadowmodDataartdecalsshadows<-HERE->

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