Eternal Forests of Lesnik (Svarog Sector #6)

A multiplayer map for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. 512x512, 4vs4 map heavily biased towards infantry given the nature of its surface. Despite tha...


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A multiplayer map for Dawn of War: Soulstorm. 512x512, 4vs4 map heavily biased towards infantry given the nature of its surface. Despite that, majority of vehicles can move around the map, skimmers and jump vehicles have advantage. The only units unable to traverse the map are Imperial Guard Baneblade and Orks Squiggoth.

I have a new map for all of you and I do hope you enjoy. If you know my work so far, you know that mad rushes were never favored on my maps and this one is no different. To understand mechanics behind this map, take a look at the first pic of the preview image. Every tree is actually a square of impassable terrain that units have to navigate around. As mentioned in description, vehicles can move around the map, though some of them are more adept at it then others. Eldar Wraithlord is, from what Ive seen, one of the most nimble vehicles while moving across the map. Only units unable to move are Imperial Guard Baneblade and Ork Squiggoth. If nothing else you can use them to defend your base.

I would like to express my gratitude to brother Arphenior for his work on stealth cover fix which was instrumental in making of this map, given there are large areas of maps where you can actually hide your infantry. These areas are covered in desert plants so you will be able to notice them easily.

Also, there are heavy cover positions across the map, six of them in total. You will recognize these by circular concrete fortifications.

To use stealth cover as it was meant to be used, you will have to download Arphenior fix which you can find here. Installation is simple, goes straight into the SS main folder and your done.

So far I had no issues with the patch and map worked as intended. You can play 4vs4 or 4 teams of 2.

SCAR file regulates no build zones, nothing else.

I hope, soon enough, to release three more maps, Gardens of the Saint, Paradise Lost and Beacon of Martyrs, until then, have fun with this one.

All installation directions can be find in READ ME file.

I do hope you will enjoy.

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Download '183496-174244-Eternal Forests of Lesnik.rar' (6.9MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 10th July 2020 10:57am

This is my sixth map set in Svarog Sector. I have updated loading screens for all maps made so far and you will find them in folder "Loading Screen Eternal Forests of Lesnik" Just add them manually to the loading folder. Precise instructions bellow. This is a map for Dawn of War Soulstorm. As you will see, difficult to navigate terrain, for vehicles, and working stealth cover are main features of this map, so use your vehicles carefully and have patience. It will take them some time to navigate through the map. Resources are adequately spread. Its 4vs4 map. Check out the screenshots to get some valuable info on the map itself.
In this map, objects,decals or other elements from third parties were not used. All elements present were those from DOW Mission Editor.
SCAR file is pretty important as it controls the no build zones on the map, thus preventing AI from choking the pathways, that can be quite narrow, with wild building.  

Comments and questions leave either on my page on Mod DB or in the section you find the map on.
This map is made by fan and for fans of Warhammer40k universe and is to be under no circumstances used or shared for commercial gain. 

I would like to know what is happening to my creation so if you, by some chance, want to use this map, ask and give credit where credit is due. You can also contact me via Revora forum or MODDB page. I would also like to thank Arphenior for his excellent stealth cover fix. 
Next map should be, most probably, Gardens of the Saint.


Eternal Forests of Lesnik (8)_icon - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP

Eternal Forests of Lesnik (8).scar
Eternal Forests of Lesnik (8)_mm
Eternal Forests of Lesnik (8) (TGA) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
Eternal Forests of Lesnik (8) (SGB)

Eternal Forests of Lesnik (TGA)(Loading Screen) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP/Loading

Just copy designated files into correct folder structures and your set to go. If you dont have these folder structures already, you can make them manually. 

I hope you will like it.


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