Force Commanders Textures



I did not have reworked the Force Commanders in the SS version of Chaos Buildings v1.4 as I did in the DC version, but now the problem is fixed. Hope you will like the new skins. Suits only with Chaos Buildings - First Blood - SS 1.4, cuz of the specific personalisation of each Force Commander.

Very nice skin methinks ~Gaffer



This little addon fixes all the Force Commanders textures in 
Chaos Buildings - First Blood - SS (1.4) and makes them look 
as in the DC version. More detailed and Personalized.

Do not forget that the FC textures suit only with Chaos Buildings SS series because of the personalisation of all the FC.
You have to have the Mod : Chaos Buildings - First Blood - SS (1.4) to take advantage of re-textures.

DC version do not need it, cuz the Force Commanders were already reworked.

Simply extract the packed file to your Dawn of war - Soulstorm Directory and accept to overwrite all files if needed.

Hope you'll enjoy.
Sgt. Rotten.

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