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Ok everyone, The scar expert Fuggles is back with more madness for DOW SS!

He brings us a whole new batch of win conditions for his win c...


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Ok everyone, The scar expert Fuggles is back with more madness for DOW SS!

He brings us a whole new batch of win conditions for his win conditions mod along with a new set of skirmish and stronghold missions.

I'm downloading now and am sure it will deliver just what it promises just like previous Fuggles mods!

This combines my updated win conditions mod with the soulstorm random objectives mod and features:

* Random mission objectives in the skirmish levels of SS * Stronghold defence missions for when your stronghold is attacked * A truck load of new win conditions, including player independent ones

I hope you all enjoy this - As of today I will not be near a PC with DoW on until September, and I about to start a new job so this will be the end of modding for me - I hopefully got all the bugs this time ;)

Killa :cool:

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Download 'soulstorm_random_objectives_1_4.zip' (16.09MB)

Welcome to the Random WinConditions Mod for the SS Campaign!
	Now with Fuggles Win Conditions Mod

This mod quite simply adds more variety to the bread and butter of the Soulstorm campaign by selecting a random win condition when you enter one of the current 'skirmish' territories - i.e those which are not a stronghold or take and hold.

In addition when you are defending your stronghold you start with an established base and some defence in place. After 15 minutes you get a ton of reinforcements as teh surrounding troops rush back to save their stronghold.

New to v1.4 I have fully combined this with my win conditions mod including player independent win conditions.

I recommend that this mod is played in conjunction with Maktaka's excellent bug fix mod for soulstorm, which polishes up some of the diamond's rougher edges as well as using the AI from the Dawn of Skirmish team. 

You can find this at http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?t=193645 and is only a 7mb download, so stop making excuses- go away and GET IT DONE!


OPTION A) I have the bugfix mod!

1) Ensure that you have copied the 'Movies' folder from the DXP2 folder which is found in the Soulstorm root directory in to the 'Bugfix' folder from Maktaka's install program. This will allow you to see the video files that are part of soulstorm

2)Extract the 'FugglesWinConditions' into your soulstorm root directory, along with 'FugglesWinConditions.module' and 'Bugfixrandom.module'

3)Fire up Soulstorm and in the game manager load 'Bugfix + Random Wins'

OPTION B) I DO NOT have the bugfix mod!
1)Extract the 'FugglesWinConditions' into your soulstorm root directory, along with 'FugglesWinConditions.module'.

2)Ensure that you have copied the 'Movies' folder from the DXP2 folder which is found in the Soulstorm root directory in to the 'FugglesWinConditions' folder. This will allow you to see the video files that are part of soulstorm

3)Fire up Soulstorm and in the game manager load 'Fuggles Win Conditions'


You will notice that in skirmish there is now the 'Random' win condition. This will act exactly the same as in campaign, picking from

Blue Collar Battle
Control Area
Destroy HQ
Economic Victory
King of the Hill
Land Grab
Sudden Death
Take and Hold

with the chance of random mine fields to boot.

Note that assassinate is slightly different to regular in that the Orks will get a Warboss rather than a Mekboy. This might affect the game balance in skirmish, but my hands are tied as they are the only race who don't get their primary commander in assassinate! 

If you are to use random in skirmish then it is advised to run only random as your win condition.

Land Grab - when the timer expires whomever holds the most land wins

King of the Hill - You earn points for the number of points you own, first to 5000 wins

Booby Traps - mines are randomly scattered before the match

No More Games - If the eldar just has webway gates then they are killed.

Scorched Earth - You are not defeated until every last building and unit is dead (excluding mines)

Blue Collar Battle - Each player starts with 3 super strong builder units and is unable to purchase any more. When the original 3 builders are dead, so is the player. Compatible with FOK, FOK_BT, I:DH and SL, new races will need to be added to the SCAR yourself.

Attrition - Every time that you lose a point, be it critical, strategic or relic, the powers that be lose confidence in your abilities as a general you are penalised requisition. For each subsequent point lost, the penalty increases.

Espirit de Corps - For every point that you own, your morale increases. Conversely, losing points negatively affects your morale. Compatible with FOK, FOK_BT, I:DH and SL, new races will need to be added to the SCAR yourself.

Keen Sight - All units have a small keen sight range (ie can see stealthed units). Compatible with FOK, FOK_BT, I:DH and SL, new races will need to be added to the SCAR yourself.

Word Of the Emperor - At the start of each match a word is shown followed by the definition - go learn stuff!

Random Difficulty  - Each AI player is assigned a random modifier to power and req. It might be positive, it might be negative. This seems to overwrite the natural difficulty bonus, but will not affect the AI's other functions (dancing etc). Compatible with the dawn of skirmish AI.

Crazy Money - Following a 2 minute grace period, both your req and power income will start fluctuating. Sometimes you might be rolling in power and starved for req, sometimes vice versa; sometimes you might be up to the eyeballs in both... and sometimes you will have none.

No Fly Zone - Aircraft are struck from the game

Weather - Adds a chance of random weather conditions to your map. This can be several types of sleet, rain or snow which affect morale, vision and speed respectively. The heavier the weather, the worse the affect on your squads.

Daynight - Night and day cycling. Your vision will increase and decrease every 10 minutes.


The PIWC are a pair of win conditions, Diverging Paths and Winds of War, which basically do what they sound like they do- at the start of the match each player is allocated a win condition, which can be either annihilation, assassinate, take and hold, destroy HQ or economic victory. 

If you are playing the standard PIWC, Diverging paths, then this will be your goal until the end of the game. If however you are playing Winds of War then there is a chance that each player's objective will switch as the game goes on...be alert!

On the right of the screen you will see your name and objective. Annoyingly, DoW can only display 7 such alerts at once, so I have set them up as a ticker, so periodically it will refresh and you will be able to see any missing conditions.

The objectives - 

Annihilate - you win by destroying everyone else's buildings and builders.

Assassinate - if you have assassinate then every other player will receive a commander. They then lose if their commander dies. Be careful if you get assassinate and start with a commander, this means that someone else has the assassinate goal too!

Economic Victory - you win this by amassing a large amount of either req or power. The amount varies based on the number of players, as there is a high chance the map is larger.
	Eco target = 4000 + (number of players * 500)

Destroy HQ - If you have destroy HQ then depriving an opponent of their HQ will take them out of the game

Take and Hold - You will get either Strategic grab, Critical grab or Relic grab based on random chance and the map. Quicker than normal T&H you have to hold over 50% of your grab target for 5 minutes.

I hope you like these win conditions, they have taken a staggeringly large amount of both effort and time to get working and are now roughly 7300 lines of code long!

Probably best to use these win conditions seperately of any other, asides from maybe game timer although this takes up one of your 7 lines so you can only see 6 WC's at once. please note that the PIWC only supports vanilla SoulStorm.


Now if someone attacks a stronghold that you own then you will start with a base, a couple of units and a stand in commander. After 15 minutes, as long as you are still alive, a bucket load of troops will turn up to save you.

Note that placing buildings via SCAR is difficult as they seem to need much more room than the actual building when placing. For this reason, if you are defending a stronghold with a race other than native you may find some of the buildings do not spawn. I think this is limited to the Mars pattern command and the sisters confessor building (i.e the ones with really big footprints), but to recap - this does not happen when playing on the native stronghold - e.g IG on IG stronghold and is generally fine 95%+ of the time.

Sadly, I can't realistically fix the building thing without radically redesigning the maps to be more open...which sort of defeats the point of the project, but there is ample space to just build the missing structure yourself.


To add fuggles win conditions to other mods you will need to alter the .module file, or create a new one. This is a fairly self explanatory process so let's examine the bugfix + random which does exactly this:


UIName = Bugfix + Random Wins
Description = Unofficial bug fixes for Dawn of War - Soulstorm including random win conditions
DllName = WXPMod
Playable = 1
ModFolder = bugfix
ModVersion = 1.05

;; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
;; List of folders to map for this MOD 
;; order is important - the first Archives registered will be scanned for files first
DataFolder.1 = Data

;; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
;; List of MODs that this MOD requires to work
RequiredMod.1 = FugglesWinConditions
RequiredMod.2 = DXP2
RequiredMod.3 = W40k

I have set this up to launch the bugfix mod (hence modfolder = bugfix) and have added the FugglesWinConditions as a required mod above dxp2 and w40k. To add another mod, simply add that as a required mod above DXP2 and W40K ensuring that the numbers are individual and consecutive. In the case of some w/cs you may need to edit the SCAR slightly to add new races.


I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to the filefront staff for giving my work a home and for all of you guys who played my mods/maps. It was the comments both positive and negative that made it worth doing all of this time and I'm massively flattered that people seem to generally post really nice things about me! It means a lot.

On the plus, I believe that this and Maktaka's mod makes SS a MUCH better single player experience - I hope you guys like it. I just need relic to fix the long load times as promised in the patch and we have a really good game on our hands!

For those interested I have contributed some funky SCAR code and mapping in the second community map project. It is going to be legendary and easily one of the best DoW maps EVER. It will eventually be uploaded here when finished, but until then, check here for the latest news:

You also find me contributing to another project coming soon...FROZEN IMPACT...


I hope you enjoy this modification for Soulstorm!



Land Grab concept by OmbrePhoenix
Blue Collar Battle concept by Jinxter78
Maktaka for letting me use his Bugfix mod
Thudmeizer for Crazy Money concept and Name
Keen Sight concept by WarpObscura

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