Fullscale Soulstorm

Ok guys the first of hopefully many mods for SS! Hope ya all enjoy it!



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Ok guys the first of hopefully many mods for SS! Hope ya all enjoy it!


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Download 'fullscale_soulstorm.zip' (850KB)




Unzip the Mod to your desktop
Place the data file into the Soulstorm DXP2  folder------------------Thats it

To remove simply Delete the folder.

Changes and additions

ALL units scaled up to tabletop style
Autoabilities for skirmish games added to SOB and some to Dark Eldar
Units for SOB and dark Eldar added to army painter

Some minor tweaking of Sob abilities
ie=====Penitant Engines now require Hq2  not saint Building
             Seraphim Bolt pistols improved
             Grenades improved
              Some very minor tweaks.

This small mod is taken from my Husbands Oldman and sunrays much Larger Mod (With his permission) which will be winging its way to you shortly and includes The Soulstorm version of Tanith First and only and a "Big" inclusion of a new Race.

Thankyou and enjoy


This is an unofficial modification of the PC game Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and as such is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, nor by Relic Entertainment or THQ. We cannot guarantee that this Mod will work in concert with other mods - only that it SHOULD work with a normal installation of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. . You may use elements of this mod on the condition that permision is requested and granted by their respective authors and credit is given for their effort.

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