Fullscale Soulstorm

Version 2 of the fullscale soulstorm mod! Looks nice so hit it up.



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Version 2 of the fullscale soulstorm mod! Looks nice so hit it up.


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Download 'fullscale_soulstorm_ver2sob_dark_eldar.zip' (29.39MB)

                                 FULLSCALE   SOULSTORM    v2  (SOB & DARK ELDAR)

A MOD FOR      ********  SOULSTORM ONLY*********************************
Install*********(If you have Version 1 of this mod please delete it before using version2)

Unzip the Mod to your desktop
Place the data file into the Soulstorm DXP2  folder------------------Thats it

To remove simply Delete the folder.


Hello and thankyou for viewing or downloading the VERSION 2 of Fullscale Soulstorm.

As per Version1  this mod increases the scale of all units  and adds extra units to SOB and DARK ELDAR only.

The AI and Scar has been ammended to allow new units to be played by the ai and the scar to allow certain Autoabilities to be used by the Races.

Some changes have been made to the AI---this will impact skirmish and campaign play.
The new units are in both Skirmish and campaign play-----------adjusted for balance.

Autoabilities do not include "Faith" acts  as we dont want the troops wasting "Faith" on a builder!!!
There are some new abilities----they are included in the scar.


Sisters Of battle

Added Novice Sisters-----------first units made (Take place of Missionaries)--------These cant use faith---dont generate faith points--cant upgrade weapons  but are faster.-----------They have a new skin and Black hair (uses Trim 2 as Primary--best used as white,black or red as the basic Sob colors.

Missionary now capped  has new power  "Sister battle cry and can heal"  moved to Inf building.

New unit Priest--new skin and uses trim 2 as primary----------2nd leader for Sob squads----------acts as healer and has upped synk kills.

New squad--Dominion squad--different skin------uses blessed Flamers ( better than Standard) and new abilities.

New squad--Retributor squad----is made with Heavy Bolters (4) and has Target Lock and new abilities

Added Rosarius to certain characters with Fx can be turned on or off---acts as shield.

Added "Whiter" Hair to the sisters

Tweaked the weapons where required to show improvements.
Tweaked morale where required
adjusted the "Faith" stats.
These are the important changes.


Changed the Skins for the
Scourge sybarite
warrior sybarite
hellion succubus
added haemonculus adept
          All use trim2 to act as primary and primary as secondry-------------so all leaders have different colors.

Added unit Haemonculus adept as a second leader of troop squads with new stats
Added autoabilities to required units
Tweaked morale and weapons where required
adjusted the ai.

In progress are 2 new models --1 for sob and the other for dark eldar--more of them later.

I have not changed or altered the other races-------------as there is a mod in making now by Oldman and sunray which includes a new "Race" and all new units for the other races-----This mod will be with a mod manager and the above Mod.
So this is just for Sob and dark eldar.

Thank you

Note**  anyone can use the contents of this mod with the usual mention in the credits**


This is an unofficial modification of the PC game Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and as such is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited, nor by Relic Entertainment or THQ. We cannot guarantee that this Mod will work in concert with other mods - only that it SHOULD work with a normal installation of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. . You may use elements of this mod on the condition that permision is requested and granted by their respective authors and credit is given for their effort.

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