Imperial Stargates Mini campaign

Imperial_stargates.zip —


Well a little campaign mod nothing really major about it, as the author just used the amazing map Imperial Guard Training Area as the base and just changed it slightly. But none the less I am a fan of campaigns as I know there are others so give it a go if you enjoy campaigns. Enjoy ~Gaffer



This is a minimod/semi campaign. Based on the map IMPERIAL GUARD TRAINING AREA ALPHA 8 made by Death htaeD, so i give him my thanks. This semi campaign is run in the load game in the skirmish area. The main objective of this semi campaign is to take down all the bases using all the power the emperor has to offer.
I had an idea to create a campaign for dawn of war but i didnt know how to, so in the end i just downloaded the map
imperial guard training area alpha and made a "mini" campaign save game on that. This has no new objectives but you
do have 3 different bases, one space marine, one imperial guard, and one sisters of battle.
To use this you need the map = IMPERIAL GUARD TRAINING AREA ALPHA 8 created by Death htaeD 
To play just place the .sav folder in C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - SoulstormProfilesProfile1dxp2MultiplayerSaveGames
then start the game and click load game and select Imperial Stargates

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