Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod



This is the Daemonhunt mod for Soulstorm. AI tested and working properly. The Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus, the Daemonhunters, are at war with forces too terrible to comprehend and, together with the holy warriors of the Grey Knights, they must take the light of the Emperor into the darkness. The threat of the daemonic is so great that only these heroic warriors have the necessary skills and knowledge to stand against such diabolical foes.



Inquisition Daemonhunt mod for Soulstorm.

Description :

This mod provides a new playable race for Dawn of War Dark Crusade, an RTS game by Relic, published by THQ, based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40 000 universe.

You can now play the Daemonhunters, a branch of the Inquisition in charge of destroying daemons, chaos cults and all chaotic influence from the Imperium.
The army's commander is the Inquisitor Lord and he commands over the Inquisition's troops.
When the opposition gets to strong, though, he calls on the secret chapter of Space Marines called the Grey Knights, super humans whose absolute faith and mighty psychic powers make them the most formidable soldiers in the service of the Emperor.

This mod is for Soulstorm only, and is balanced to be played against the already existing races in game.

Installation and use instructions :

After unziping the files, just double click on the installer named "inquisition_daemonhunt_mod.exe" and follow the instructions.
Once the install is finished, an internet style document will be displayed. Please take the time to read it in details since it contains many precious informations such as the complete Tech Tree description, and tips on the strategies to use with this new race.

Legal agreement :

All this mod's components' copyrights stay the property of their respective owners and are not transferred to you.
More specifically, you cannot do any of the following :
- redistribute this mod in full or in part
- extract or modify any of its components or part thereof
- claim any of its components or part thereof as yours
- add any of its components or part thereof to your own mod
without the written consent of the Inquisition Daemonhunt mod leader.

There is only one exception : game publishers are allowed (and even welcome) to distribute this mod without asking the authorisation, provided they make no modifications to the files and that they properly credit the authors and provided that they inform us too, so that we can get a copy of the publication for our archives :-).
In this instance, "game publishers" are video games magazines, and professional or semi-professional video games sites, not fan based sites whose theme is video games.

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