Apparently an insane replay. :D

1.Sisters of battle against 3 united Dark Eldar in Biffy's Peril. Replay Name, Sob_vs_DE_Isn2....

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Apparently an insane replay. :D

1.Sisters of battle against 3 united Dark Eldar in Biffy's Peril. Replay Name, Sob_vs_DE_Isn2. Outnumbered three to one, the Sisters' Missionaries audacity to take and hold the points just in front of their bases starve the savage soul-hunters for resources. A decisive victory for the Sisters, in spite that on insane enemy teams get a double resource rate advantage!

2.Orks against 7 allied Orks in the Rehan Jungle. Replay Name, Insane_Orks2. A feud breaks out as one clan defies the leadership of the other seven. But the swiftness and immensity of their forward base intimidates the allies from a unified assault and one by one they are rampaged to smithereens.

3.Eldar against 7 united Dark Eldar in Cerulea. Replay Name, Sneaky_Eldar. Incredibly outnumbered and with barebones resources, the stealthy warp witches relocate their base to a tiny protective mountain cleft. Courageous Rangers risk all to hold a critical location long enough to gather resources and build a small fleet. Then they muster strength and bring down the confused villains with lightning dispatch!

- Abbadon

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This second batch of replays is a follow up to to my first "Incredible Odds" pack, largely designed around the comments made.  Some people liked them but most felt that the Artificial Intelligence on standard was unsatisfactory and that it would be funner to watch games played on Insane.  So I put together a new pack that might be enjoyable.  Because I have been the only one posting Soulstorm replays so far, and the conflicting responses (sometimes folks got kind of rude) please forgive me for blabbing a bit about how I view these replays.  After all, what else is a 'readme' for, if not to put a bit of a perspective on whatever the thing is you are considering downloading?

94458 I would like to say, first of all, that I don't intend to 'wow' everyone by these.  I know that there are a lot of awesome players out there who could blow me away in a tournament and that's not what these are about!  I'm just trying to give something fun to watch and let others see some games that might be out of the ordinary.  I came up with these strategies looking for different things to try, since otherwise it can get boring at times!  

By posting these I do not want to reinforce the idea that only the most extreme replays are worth watching.  Replays are just another dimension of the game and can be like watching a movie.  Some of my favorite replays to watch were actually where I lost, but put up a really good fight!  Personally I lean towards the strategy side more than the action anyway and can really get into games like EmpireXP ( that aren't much more than the classic table-top Risk.   But I think the variety Dawn of War offers is awesome and have to say that it is the best all-around RTS game I have ever owned!  Since, though, I have such an enjoyment of strategy I have played all the races taking special interest in their peculiar abilities that, when in the right context, can give a massive advantage.  So I found it was lots of fun to use these abilities to win against what would otherwise be really tough challenges, rather than just create a blood bath (although that often is a by-product!).  

This collection of replays might be a letdown if you think it is just nose to nose duking it out.  But if you like the legendary stories of old where a small army defeats a really big one because of a careful strategy or exploited weakness, you might really like these.  And, hey, we all face challenges that are bigger then ourselves!  Sometimes in my life I reflect on a victory I have heard of like one of these and it revives my spirit with the drive to keep pressing forward.  If this resonates with you, one of my favorites is in 1 Samuel 30 (  Ok, enough about why these are being posted.  If someone doesn't get it I won't be insulted by a bunch of comments, “but I did better” - fine!  Say, why don't you post your replay as well?

If you are going to download these replays as your first then this information might be helpful:   
Place the .rec files into the folder

...THQDawn of War - SoulstormPlayback

and start Dawn Of War.  Go to Skirmish, then Load Game, then choose Recorded Games.  You should find the new replays there - select the one you want and you are ready to go!  

If this is the first time you have watched a replay, some things that make it more 
interesting are changing the playback speed (fast forward through the boring spots), removing the Fog of War and switching player 
perspectives - all managed by the buttons in the lower right console.  Move the camera 
around as normal within gameplay.  Have fun!

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