Mandragore (Svarog Sector #3)

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My third map set in Svarog Sector. Its 4vs4 map, and although big, it can be quite fast. I suggest you use troop transports asap, but you can play without them as well. Enjoy it and rate as well. Cheers Patriarch



My third map, Mandragore, also set in the Svarog Sector. Its map for Dawn of War Soulstorm. I would suggest 4vs4 for this map. Check out the screenshots to get some valuable info on the map itself, locations of heavy cover, passable terrain and that kind of stuff. Altough 512x512, this map can be quite fast so be on your toes. Due to several height levels, your camera could be a bit jumpy from time to time, so I suggest use of the extended camera and bird point of view. It is not necessary, but can be helpful on some map segments. 

I have tested this map with the use of DOW AI Skirmish Mod and had a quite good skirmish. Take care of the forested areas, they are not vehicle friendly so don't drop in them units that either cant jump or teleport out. Dreadnought dropped in it has slim chance of walking out again and is thus asset lost. 
In this map, objects, decals or other elements from third parties were not used. All elements present were those from DOW Mission Editor. 
Comments and questions leave either on my page on Mod DB or in the section you find the map on.

This map is made by fan and for fans of Warhammer40k universe and is to be under no circumstances used or shared for commercial gain. I would like to know what is happening to my creation so if you, by some chance, want to use this map, ask and give credit where credit is due. 


Mandragore (8)_icon - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP

Mandragore (8)_mm
Mandragore (8) (TGA) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
Mandragore (8) (SGB)

Mandragore Skybox (whm) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Art/Ebps/Enviroment/Skies

Mandragore (8) (TGA)(Loading Screen) - THQ/Dawn of War-Soulstorm/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP/Loading

Just copy designated files into correct folder stuctures and your set to go. If you don’t have these folder structures already, you can make them manually. 

Enjoy and have a bloodbath.



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