Master's Military Manifest Mod

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And we now have an update to the Military Manifest Mod.

In a nutshell, this mod allows for extremely large-scale battles not possible in the base game. You can literally have as much military might as you can finance, which will change the dynamic of gameplay most sufficiently for a new challenge, methinks. The counters for squad and vehicle capacities are disabled, allowing infinite units. Each HQ building you construct will allow for twenty turrets and twenty generators, and Tau armies can now have both command posts.

Hell, there's not much I can say about this, is there? The final thing I can say is that it's definitely an interesting change. Saying anything else would just be spam, and that wouldn't be very nice.


{Reviewer Edit: Uploaded fixed version.}



Master's Military Manifest Mod V3/////////////////////

this is the thrid vrsion of the mod and not all that much has changed

one of the big changes is that all tau players are now able to have both the montka and kauton command post... but only 1 of each :-(
and all turrets and generators limit has been boosted up to 20
not a big change but it can make gameplay that much easier or harder


in this mod be sure to extract both the module and folder to
C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm
then all you have to do is boot up soulstorm and select the mod from the game manager

to remove this mod all you have to do is delete the mod folder and module file


if you want to publish this mod on another website or modify this for use in anyother mod please give me credit


special thanks

EL Furreto

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