Miscellaneous skin fixes

misc_skin_fixes_1.zip —


Here is a little mod from corncobman which features some fixes to certain mismatching and sloppy texturing in some of the vanilla Chaos Obliterator, Chaos Predator and Dark Eldar Scourge skin textures.

These are fixes to the Chaos Obliterator, Chaos Predator and Dark Eldar Scourge skins that fixes clashing pixels, particularly noticeable when bright colours are used.

Chaos Obliterator had clashing pixels on the legs Chaos Predator at the top and side of the bolter sensory thing Dark Eldar Scourge at the shoulder pads and knee pads

Note: Compatible with Soulstorm and Dark Crusade.




Although the Dark Eldar fixes won't do anything if you extract them to the Dark Crusade folder

Just extact to the Soulstorm / Dark Crusade folder, making sure folders are preserved.

I don't care what you do with this. If you use this in a mod or whatever just give credit where credit is due.

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