Necron tunnels mod 2.0

Great just what we need, even more powerful Crons!Enjoy~Gaffer


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Great just what we need, even more powerful Crons! Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Necron tunnels mod (2.0)
This is Version 2 of my Necron tunnels mod, the necron tunnels are now able to be built anywhere, so not control area limited. i also added a ressurection beacon, like from the kronus campaign, this has 2 abilities - mass resurection (like the necron lord) and Global ressurection, this has a bigger range than the normal ressurection ability, this is about the range of a normal small-medium map.

My first mod to install just place the module file and mod folder into your dow directery
C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Soulstorm
start up dawn of war then click mod manager and click on Necron tunnels mod


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