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Alright here is the second version of my mod, new units, resource sistem, buildings, it's all writen in the readme,

thank you to the fans...


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Alright here is the second version of my mod, new units, resource sistem, buildings, it's all writen in the readme,

thank you to the fans of this mod, Steel Legion DC for the scar, and Skins@hwt for the commissar skin and my favourite metal bands (also writen in the read me)

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Download 'new_original_guard.zip' (600KB)


This is my second phase of my first mod, and might be (realy)imbalanced. All it does is make a new race original guard. Which uses the guardmen(conscripts, main line and hardened veterans) and tanks from Dow 1 and makes it into a seperate race. It only has 8 units and 4 building, but its playable. Try it out there is no mod like it.No team color sorry.I know this mod needs lots of improvement, ill try my best to improve it. 


Just copy all the files in the zip into where you installed soulstorm. Then select it via mod manager and your good to go.Also if you have the old version of this mod, delete it(the folder "originalguard" and the module)

Change Log (when i say old i mean from Dow 1) 

- Old Lemun Russ available at the dropship

- Leman Russ is a heavy tank now to compete with relic units

- Old guardmen available at the dropship

- Can capture points, armor buffed up to be a good main soldier able to chalange other races' main soldiers 

- Colonel Brom serves as your commander capable of repairing(i hope)

- All units have no limits and are free, but take a long time to make

0.1.0 Change log

- resources, time(like necrons) and power(which is earned by building listening posts

- now 3 types of guardsmen; conscripts, main battle and hardened veterans(code named: doom bolt)

- now 3 leaders; commissar, inquistitor, colnel Brom

- now you need colonel brom to build an infantry command and later a mechanized command

- also conscripts aren't the only meatshield, so i used the civilian models from dow 1 to be your meatshields, 0 power and a second and their you go

Possible future Improvements

- chimera, sentinels, hellhounds, demolishers, bassilisks

- diffrent skins for guardsmen, conscripts and hardened veterans

- deep striking

- storm troopers


Thanks to

-Relic and ThQ and Iron Lore for making the game

-Games Workshop for making up W 40k

-Steel Legion mod team for their inspiration, guidence and scar I used in this mod

-http://skins.hiveworldterra.co.uk for wonderfull skins, included in this mod

-all those kind folk on dow files, who inspired me to not dump this mod


If you can give any help to the mod,mostly giving critisism, erors, and other stuff i haven't noticed, i will realy appreciate it

plz email me and forgive me for my bad gramar at


or post on dow files

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