Orky Olympics

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The Story: On a small uncharted planet in the vast outreaches of space is a planet ruled only by ork law, rule by force and cunning. Every aspiring slugga boy dreams of becoming a mighty WarBoss although the chances of that are very, very slim. But some show that they have brains as well as brawn, and the ability to guide in battle and predict the outcome of conflicts became almost as prized as brute force. A new series of battle games were created where potential leaders were given a chance to become the next mighty Warboss.

GamePlay: When you start Orky Olympics, send your team through the hail of tank-fire to explode the opening fireworks. Then, select your favorite race or collection of oponents for the upcoming contest.

The way to grow from a slugga into a WarBoss is to lead your boyz to win battles and, even if they loose, rightly predict who the winner will be in each conflict. Successive losses and wrong guesses can reduce you to a Grot! At the start of every round look over the contestants carefully. Move your boss unit to the starting area of the squad you believe will win, just as the other wannabe WarBosses do. When everyone has made their bets, the contestants move out for battle (sometimes harassed by the onlookers' tanks). In position? Go! The fights are often short and always furious. A stalemate is booed by the onlooker's tanks and can be fatal for all contestants. The winner of the round can keep his surviving force in his ever growing army. Round after round is played, each time with random units until the final Waagh. Then you must join your boyz in a fight to the finish – ma y the best Nob win! Ready fer stompin?

This scenario uses EZScar programming to change the normal way Dawn Of War functions. There is no point taking, base building or squad making. All your units come via the script. It is a fun game, challenging both to the thinker as well as the action lover, and serves as an example of the extent that EZScar can be used by the mapping community to make extraordinary scenarios.



Orky Olympics V2.2 for SS or DC
	Choose different races or collections of squads to fight
	The choices given will be compatible with the DC/SS you have
	Deal with flying squads that might join you in the arena
	Deal with flying squads that try to sneak out of the arena
	Added taunts if you are taking too long to choose
	Minor bug-fixes
V2.1 fixes 
	Many bugs fixed with squads getting stuck
		The betting squad would get stuck
		Walking to their positions during a normal fight
		Walking to their positions during the final fight
	Additional messages during game-play to tell you of your progress
	More consistant gambling for opponent players
	More intelligent enemy arena fighting
	More intelligent firing of "observer tanks"
	Multi-human games have usually worked with this version

To install this, unpack the contents of the zip file to your mulitplayer scenarios folder.
Dark Crusade:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War - Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.

If this directory does not exist, create the Data/Scenarios/MP folder (the
parent part should have been created by your game install).  On Vista, you may
find this directory in c:/users/[YourName]/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/THQ

Unpacking should create a "Data/Scenarios/MP/loading" directory with the loading 
image for Orky_Olympics in it.

Along with this map is the documentation for EZScar, and one version of the 
EZScar script.  EZScar makes multiplayer or single-player scenario maps easy
to create.

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