Osuirofs Vision Mod




General - smaller \"boxes\" around buildings, - double the maximum squad\\vehicle cap, - changed deep strike\\reinforce units, and their numbers, - restored Missile Launcher, Flamer for CSM squads, - Broadsides when entrenched see farther, detect infiltrated, - barrack building of each race, has a activated ability to heal squads (still somewhat buggy, don\'t know why) and more.

Primary Commanders - all can capture, and uncapture (slightly faster than normal units), - detect infiltrated by default, - are tougher, have improved weapons, equipment, - provide morale bonus aura to nearby units, and more.

Honor Guards - are fewer in numbers, tougher, better equipped counterparts of standard squads, units, - are already upgraded from the start, i.e. HG Space Marines have Frag Grenades, bonuses from Bionics, etc., without research, - no builders as HG, - each Secondary Commander has a HG counterpart, and more.

Necrons - no Necron unit has a Morale score, - Obelisk, Tomb Spyder got healing aura, - you can build two Restored Monolith\'s, - Mass Resurrection is now Mass Restoration, which resurrects, but also heals units, and more.

Relic units - each relic unit has a morale draining aura (bigger are more \"scary\", so have higher),


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