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The Blood Angels have made a true appearance in Dawn of War, as they now have their own Mod! While this is not the Blood Angels mod most of you are familiar with, it should be a good substitute in the meantime, made by a man just as eagerly awaiting the Blood Angels mod as you are! Behold, the Sons of Sanguinius mod!

Looks good, give it a try and download it!!





First of all, thanks for your interest in my little mod. I'm sure the fact that it's a full race mod has something to do with it, of course!

So, long story short, I know there's a Blood Angels mod already underway. I've been waiting for it for a while now though, and I'm a wee bit fed up. So much so that I decided I'd do it myself. I started this at the beginning of the week, and now just a few short days later I have something fun to show for my efforts.

Please note - THIS MOD IS NOWHERE NEAR COMPLETE YET!!! I have no team! The Codework is solid so far, but still not 100% done. Why am I releasing it now? This is the latest I'll be able to release it before the weekend. I want people to test it out and see if it works OK. I know the mod works, and I've debugged it mostly, but I want to get as many people to debug it as possible.

So it comes down to this - I need you all to test this mod for three things. I need to know all balance issues, all bugs, and I need to know if this is an enjoyable mod. Please, go to http://z6.invisionfree.com/Adeptus_Aviatus/index.php and sign up, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave your input! I need it desperately, I can only test this mod so much before I think it would be a better use of my time to gnaw my own leg off. That's not to say I don't have fun with it, of course, but I can only take so much Dawn of War in one sitting.

Now, I didn't keep a comprehensive changelog - I might have to shoot myself if I tried that. I'm not one for keeping lists, or even for keeping anything organized. However, I can go over some major things here.

New Units:

That's right, I did put a few new units in. Now remember, I have no team, that means no modellers or texturers or anything. So, no new models, but I used some models as accurate standins where possible.

Blood Angels Captain: He's your basic leader. He's stronger, faster, and has a jump pack. However, he's also more expensive, and loses Orbital Bombardment.

Blood Angels Librarian: He's not too much different from a normal Librarian. He's stronger in Close Combat, and I replaced his abilities with some more fun ones. He can't join units, but he's so strong on his own it's not really necessary.

Death Company: This is one hard unit of Assault Marines. Much more strong, tough, and fast than normal Marines, and their Leader is the Chaplain.

Furioso Dreadnought: Much like a normal Dreadnought, but incredibly strong. They rip through enemy squads like nothing.

People will note the lack of a Baal predator. I don't want to add the Baal until I get a suitable model for it. Anyone want to help out?

Changed Units:

Well, ok, every unit changed at least a little. Most of them are a good deal stronger in Close Combat, and have had costs changed to reflect that. However, some units were changed more than others.

Dreadnought: I was kind of upset that the normal Dreadnought spawned in with 2 Close Combat weapons, considering how un-codex that was. So now they don't. They spawn with an assault cannon, which can be upgraded to a lascannon. The Furioso will take care of the extra arms bit. Note that I have gotten rid of Hellfire dreadnoughts.

Tactical Marines: Like I said, not many units were changed drastically. These are no exception, but being so 'mainline' it's worth noting that they are now capable of going toe-to-toe with most Close Combat infantry without getting smushed.

One last plea for help - I need a team for this mod to go much further. I don't need much, just a modeller who can alter models, an animator, and a texturer. And, if possible, someone familiar with the OE, since I'd hate to have to attempt to use it myself. I can, but that doesn't mean I like it!

INSTALLATION: Just extract all the files, minus the screenshots, to your Dawn of War directory. Remember that this mod is a Soulstorm Only mod. I don't have Dark Crusade anymore, unfortunately.

Once more, my website is http://z6.invisionfree.com/Adeptus_Aviatus/index.php

I need some help, and you can check out the Death Korps of Krieg mod while you're there. I'm not fan of Death Korps, but the mod looks nice.

CREDIT: Kaffl, the author of this mod, reserves full rights to the mod. I see no reason why it should be used in anyone elses mod, but if there is a good reason just email me at [email protected] . Chances are I'll let you do whatever you want with it, I'd just like to be informed and given the opportunity to give permission. There is one bit of this mod that is not mine - the Angels Sanguine color scheme is one I downloaded from a website called Hive World Terra. It's got a load of great army schemes for download, go check it out!

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