SoulStorm Legions

gerb_ss_legions_0.1_alpha.zip —


Gerberman's Soulstorm Legions Mod

This is very much a pre-beta release, so constructive and objective feedback is welcomed. Only some of the races are somewhat completed, though not fine tuned or balanced.

Imperial Guard Chaos Tau Orks Necron

And even they are a work in progress but functional for the most part. Other issues to take into consideration with this pre-release are:

  • There is currently no A.I
  • Wargears are not fully implemented except for Chaos.
  • The UI for the Battle Sisters and Dark Eldar is screwed up at the mo until I can work out how to upgrade it to be compatable with Codex Evolutions.
  • Some stuff may not be balanced.
  • Some stuff may even be buggy.
  • It needs polishing.

So take it as it is and try to have some fun with it. Report any errors or bugs you get and if you have ideas or features you'd like to see implemented for the final release then post them below.


Lots of new units so far, about 20 I think at this point.




- Zany Reaper
	(For setting me up with the list of stuff of his thats available)

- Medes & The FoK team
	(For their amazing and ongoing work without which most of this would 
        not have been possible)

- Unofficial Bugfix Mod team
	(Upon which this mod is built)

- The DoWXP team
	(For making their work available to the community & the source of much inspiration          for this mod)

- Thudomizer
	(For ongoing advise & guidance)

- Mudflap 
        (For the use of the Nurglings found at:          	

- Maktaka
	(For the Unofficial Bugfix mod this is built on)

- Corncobman
	(For answering many of my amateurish questions)

- Ronin-Sage
	(for pointing me in the right direction on the use of DoWXP)

- Homer
	(for pointing me in the right direction on the use of DoWXP)

- Ombrephenix
	(For the use of Codex Evolutions)

Installation / Removal

Drop the folder and the module files into your SS directory. Job done.
Delete them for removal.

The files & folder are:


Use of this Mod & contents

NONE of the 3D assetts in this mod are mine. ALL belong to others and have been
used with permissions granted to which end if you want to use them you need to 
seek out the people who gave me permission.

SOME of the 2D assetts I created. Frankly, I am not creating a list of every icon
I put in.

A few of the new FX I was able to create also. Though the only one I can think of 
off the top of my head is the radioactive aftermath to the Nuke deployment.

Anything I have created you are free to do with as you please. Pretty much just the code then...

Legal Stuff

This mod uses intellectual property & copyrights held by THQ, Relic, Iron Lore and Games Workshop without their permission. No challenge to these organisations is made respective to the content, altered content or created content.

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