Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes mod version 1.1

Here is a new version of Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes Mod, which is a mod that attempts to make minor fixes to units and stuff in order...


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Here is a new version of Soulstorm Minor Balance Changes Mod, which is a mod that attempts to make minor fixes to units and stuff in order to make each race more in line with each other, in other words balanced.

This mod is based on the Bugfix mod by Maktaka, which uses the Dawn of Skirmish AI mod as well. So overall you'll get a better experience than with the standard Soulstorm game.

Please refer to the readme for more details. Updates since the last version:

All units are now previewable from the Army Painter Ork Nob leaders are now separate from the Slugga/Shoota Nob leader, increased mass and Power Claw melee damage has been increased

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The changes are:


All units previewable in the Army Painter


Dark Reaper health reduce by 50
Fire Dragon mass reduce from 90 to 45, 50 for exarch
Avatar pop bonuses remove
Bonesinger cost increase from 45 to 70, teleport distance reduce
Ranger Infiltration requires Soul Shrine
Warp Spider health reduce significantly from 615 to 415 and delay for teleport increase, Enhanced Reinforced Armour research upgrades armour to heavy high
Nightwing Shuriken Cannon increase damage slightly
Fire Prism cap cost decrease from 5 to 4, health decrease from 5285 to 4285

Space Marines:

Sergeants build time reduce from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
Skull Probe infiltration research remove, make Skull Probe infiltrate automatically
Smite recharge time increase by 20 seconds
Plasma Gun damage increase
Predator cap cost decreased from 5 to 4


Looted Tank cap cost decreased from 5 to 4
Nob Squad leader made separate from Slugga/Shoota Nob Leader, mass increased, Power Claw melee upgrade damage increased

Imperial Guard:

Leman Russ cap cost decreased from 5 to 4


Monolith cost reduce slightly perhaps maybe to something like 400 for the second and 800 for the third.
Tomb Spyder Scarabs make able to attack ground units
Warrior per member time multiplier remove
Get-back up squad radius increase from 20 to 30
Forbidden Archive artifact build time incease from 0 to 5 seconds each
Tomb Spyder range weapon accuracy / damage increase

Dark Eldar:

Warrior range increase by 3
Dais of Destruction cap cost reduce from 6 to 4
Souls on death last longer
Souls from Slave Chamber build time increase from 21 seconds to 35 seconds
Screams of the Damned soul cost increase from 60 to 80
Piercing Vision soul cost decrease from 40 to 25
Gruesome display addon detect infiltrated units
Raider cap cost reduce from 3 to 2
Reaver Jetbike reduce damage to commanders
Raven Splinter Cannon increase damage


Increase Greater Knarloc speed and turn rate slightly
Barracuda weapons damage spread out more evenly, total damage reduce slightly


Decrease Hell Talon health by 500
Cultist Grenade Launcher set up time added
Chaos Marine Infiltration move to tier 4
Plasma Gun damage decrease

Sisters of Battle:

Servitor Sabotage require tier 2
Immolator build time reduce from 55 to 35 seconds
Lightning Fighter increase damage to heavy infantry

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