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A updated version of the mod. Again hit the download tab up people!

Enjoy ~Gaffer


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A updated version of the mod. Again hit the download tab up people!

Enjoy ~Gaffer

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Soulstorm RPG 0.7 BETA mod for Official Campaign

For: Soulstorm 1.0

Version: 0.7 BETA


This mod adds Heroes (experience/level up) and Auto-Ability features to official Soulstorm campaign, and is active in all single-player missions, including stronghold missions for each race. You can also use these features in skirmish mode.

I also added Extended camera zoom modes from DowAI projects.

And unlike my previous dowtactics mod, you CAN save and load the game :-)


- When you load saved games, unit rank indicator will reset to Regular (1), but the improved stats will remain. Can't do anything about it, sorry.

- Act of Faith abilities are automatically cast as well, with the following exceptions: Ascension, Divine Retribution and Emperor's touch.

- Dark Eldar's Special abilities, such as Piercing Vision or Soulstorm, will not be triggered automatically.

- HK missile, fired from Exorcist tank (Sisters of Battle) will not be fired automatically.

- Any commander attached to a squad will not level up. They will level up normally when not attached to the squad.


Extract to your Soulstorm main folder and then choose 'Soulstorm RPG' in Game Mananger.

Start a new single player campaign and enjoy!

CHANGES TO 0.7 BETA (19/03/2008):

1. Removed HK missile abilities from auto-ability list.

2. Optimized auto-abilities for Tau.

CHANGES TO 0.5 BETA (initial release):

1. Added Heroes features for Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle units.

2. Added and optimized auto-ability features for Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle.

3. Restored proper honor guard unit for Confessor (Sisters of Battle). Probably disabled for balance.

Alex Gnome for his extended camera modes;
etherdragn and Phelan76 for Heroes 2.4 mod and allowing me to use his Hero mod;
Cuttershane for his excellent Auto-ability mod;
Corsix et al. for their wonderful Mod Studio;
Canoness for her Fullscale Soulstorm mod.

I'm not responsible for any damage caused by this mod :-)
You're more than welcome to modify the mod.... a credit to me would be nice ;-)
For any questions, my email address is

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