Subterranean Clash SS



This is a Two player map for Soulstorm.

Fluff: Deep below the surface, the ancient hordes of Chaos hope to establish a foothold on this seemingly deserted subterranean cavern. Unbeknown to them a far more ancient race has awakened and seeks to regain full control of its surroundings.

A very well made map with lots of good features. Top work! - Abbadon




Unpack and move the data folder to :

when asked "the data folder already exist....do you want to overwrite it" clik "ok"
none of your previously instaled file will be erased or damaged. All the map files are currently in their correct folders, so simply just cut and paste across to the matching dxp2 section and go from there!

Thanks must go to Nerdsturm for allowing me to use a few of his decals. Also special thanks to
Jaguar-Lord for helping me with this map from start to finish.  This map would not be half of what it is if I
had not had his help.  Thankyou also to Jaguar-Lord for giving me permissions to use his lava decals

Hope you all enjoy the map.

If there are any questions or problems, please PM me at the RelicNews Forums => Skeletalowl

NOTE: With regards to the decals...if you want to use any of the custom ones please do not use them without requesting permission first...the lava decals you must ask Jaguar-Lord if you wish to use them, and same goes for NerdSturm for his IHMK decals.

PS by Jaguar-Lord
this map is Skeletalowl  first map, he made a pretty good job all by himself, i just pushed him (sometimes hard) on the mapping path for him to learn mapping, decal creation, scar coding fx creation and some other trick of the trade.
This map displays a lot of custom features, Skeletalowl created new decals bu also new FX !! and scar too !! Not bad for a noob mapper !!
Keep up the good work mate.

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