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Are you looking for a new style of gameplay to enhance your Dawn of War experience? Do you prefer holding out against hordes of onrushing or...


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Are you looking for a new style of gameplay to enhance your Dawn of War experience? Do you prefer holding out against hordes of onrushing orks, massing your defenses to throw back the tide of enemies storming your lines? Would you like some new win conditions and bonus features on the maps? Do you need the combat to be epic and exhilarating, holding out alongside your comrades? Would you like to be able to calibrate the difficulty so you have more control over just how easy or hard the enemy are?

This mod is for you.

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Download '' (37.42MB)

this mod has been designed to fill the need for defensive maps in Dawn of War and adjusts the playing style to encourage players to stand shoulder to shoulder, holding the line against a seemingly impossible number of enemies. Each player faces ten waves of enemy assaults gradually increasing in amount and difficulty until the player receives orders to assault the enemy base and destroy your foes.
It is designed as 1 or 2 players VS an enemy AI, don't worry, each player faces their own set of waves (spawned through SCAR) so weaker players will not face overpowering units too early, while more able players will face harder enemies sooner. Once you destroy all of the units that compromise a wave, a new one is spawned and ordered to attack your lines.
You can select any race to play as, and any race as your opponents and they will use all of the units at their disposal, including honour guard and single player units to assault your lines. Have no fear! The players receive their own bonuses to bolster their meagre defences.
The win conditions have been extensively reworked to aid the players in their defensive efforts. Please take time to read through each of the win conditions descriptions to see the full extent of the changes.

So, If you want to form your favourite race into a defensive position alongside your comrades  as you hold out against an immense wAAAAGGHH! Then download and install.

Hold the Line! To the Last Man and the Last Round!

Summary of features

•	Defensive play style designed to allow players to defend a chokepoint/fortress/ravine.
•	2 players vs 1 AI multiplayer online compatibility supported.
•	Wargear instant upgrades available for every race.
•	Players receive the character from the SS campaign as their ‘commander’ rather than the usual command unit.
•	Attacking waves altered and calibrated to support all difficulty levels and the attackers will massively increase in number at QS level. Quick start is no-longer a noobs game as it presents the same level of difficulty as the standard game, only with a different gameplay style.
•	Body count and current level displayed in-game.
•	A swathe of new maps to defend including some historical recreations – Defend the Iron Cage against the Imperial Fists or play as the Crimson Fists defending Rynn’s city from the orks.
•	Improved win conditions.
o	Take and hold: Reinforcements. If you activate this, whenever you hold a critical location you will receive reinforcements for free. The reinforcements you receive are based upon your current tech level.
o	Assassinate. When you activate this you will be given an enemy leader as a target to kill. When you kill these targets the enemy suffers massive morale and Health damage. Killing enemy leaders will force a more powerful leader to spawn after a short time period.
o	Heroic defence. This is not for the faint hearted. The enemy will assault your lines with everything they have, examples are tau manta strikes, teleporting monoliths, space marines storming your lines with rhinos and unloading next to your base and chaos warp rifts opening up to spew forth the minions of evil – this is all in addition to the usual attacks!

This mod has been thoroughly tested and functions as intended, however it is supplied “as is” and as such I will take no responsibility for and loss or damage you may suffer as a result of installing this mod. 

All of the SCAR code contained within this mod is my own work, and as such is mine! I appreciate it would not have been possible to create without Relic first putting the code in place, but the concept and actual code is mine, so please do not duplicate it, replicate it or host it in any media, either digital or otherwise without written permission from me.
Having said that, if you wish to host this mod anywhere, please ask! I am very likely to say yes as I didn’t make this mod for it to sit on a select few computers!

Coming soon….
The Defence of Armageddon
The Imperial Palace Siege

Watch this space.

Step 1) Unzip the folder Survival1_0_Soulstorm. Double click the installer icon, check the install path and it will automatically install in the correct directory.
Step 2) Fire up Soulstorm and go to the game manager. Look for Survival Maps, activate it and select skirmish.

Step 3) When you select a map from skirmish MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PUT AN AI PLAYER IN THE FINAL SLOT OTHERWISE YOU WILL RECIEVE A SCAR ERROR. You MUST ensure fixed start positions are on and the final players slot is AI.
Step 4) Shoot everything that moves.


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