Tavesta Wastelands 1.1

Here is a new version of Tavesta Wastelands! Fans of this map should consider getting this update! This version fixes some issues and bugs...


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Here is a new version of Tavesta Wastelands! Fans of this map should consider getting this update! This version fixes some issues and bugs with the map, added decals and improved upon the shadows on the map, and more objects have been placed such as dead trees, rocks, and etc.

Tavesta Wastelands is a large map in a rocky / desert surrounding. This planet was "civilized" by the Imperium. This map is large enough to fit 6 players in. Although the main fighting takes place on the spacey middle of the map, there are many other routes that get you to alternative places that you can use for base building (so your troops can be deployed near the battlefield) or enhance your resources. You can also launch backdoor attacks from there. The map is nicely designed, with decals and objects used to create a detailed battlefield, and hills overlook the parts of the map - which you can use to create ambushes or set up artillery emplacements.

Check it out.

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Download '6p_tavesta1.1.zip' (2.94MB)


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Version 1.1


title: Tavesta Wastelands
map title: Tavesta Wastelands (6)
file: 6p_Tavesta.zip
author: Swanky
email address: chunky at surfeu dot de
homepage: www dot swanky dot de dot vu



As the Imperium cilivized Tavesta, many of the locals fell victim of the raids of loyalists. The underground 
facilities have long been closed down, and the former pipeline network is offline for now, though people 
see it a place worth owning for strategic means.

play information

Bots: Full bot support (easy with no botpathing to set^^)
new sounds: no
new graphics: only DOW / DC stuff has been used.

how to play Place all files (this doc and screenshots excluded) in your
Name_Of_Warhammer_DC_or_SS_Folder/W40k/Data/Scenarios/MP folder and run the game.



base: from the scratch
editor: DoW ME 1.2
other progs: Photoshop
known bugs: none! :D
build time: not very long. 1 evenings + 1 afternoon


- quite a large battlefield for 6 players
- the side positions are very important
- mobile units are important. use them to fly over gaps and attack the enemy in its back
- This V1.1 features a couple of bugfixes, most notably the Empire typo fix and the collision fixes on the rocks


still to do...

- prolly a loading screen, but me's lazy.


thanx to ...

*crosses fingers, don't let me forget anyone*

reric, for still supporting Soulstorm
maktaka, for making the Soulstorm bugfix mod
Listoric, for showing me how a good dow map has to look

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 2008 Christian "Swanky" Ahlborn chunky at surfeu dot de
All rights reserved.

Dawn of War is a registered trademark of
Relic Entertainment and THQ

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN

You are not allowed to submit this Zip
to any Internetsite without my

This file is NOT to be sold. It's free!

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