The Eye Bowl



It was said on Moat that whoever could take The Eye would surely conquer the world. An ancient crater gives testimony that the struggles for this intersection have been a key part of this world's history for millennia.

Nominally a 3-player map for DC or SS, it is characterised by a large (impassable) lake in the middle, so it is essentially a ring-shaped map. Well it sounds good enough so give it a shoot and as always Enjoy ~Gaffer



The install, just copy the zip contents into the "...{game folder}/W40K/Data/Scenarios/MP/" folder, and it will automatically be available in-game.

I don't really think I did a good job on this one, there are too many objects and the sky is too far away so it's a fairly system-hungry map and for no good reason.  Feedback on my other two maps tended to be about needing more detail, and without really knowing what that meant I just dotted environment objects everywhere.

That said, you are more than welcome, whoever you may be, to plagiarize any and/or all of this work for whatever causes you may wish.  It's not like I'm getting paid for it anyway.


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