Tripping the Rift

This is a 1 v 1 map, its designed around online play since it contains no AI. Its designed for the game options Take and Hold and Control ar...


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This is a 1 v 1 map, its designed around online play since it contains no AI. Its designed for the game options Take and Hold and Control area.

The map itsel consists of 7 small islands inter-connected trough teleporters, these teleporters will only activate once the correct Strategic Point is captured. This adds allot of strategy to the games played on this map. The Relic in the middle can be controlled once you have your own island secure. You can capture them by using the use of special infantry that can jump from island to island. (Or teleport)

The map itself has: - 10 Strategic Points - 1 Relic - 2 Critical Locations

The map is based upon a Eldar Craftworld that crashed into the Icy Planet, with some of its internal systems still intact both the Space Marines and the Eldar fight fiercly to control the wreck.

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>Place contents of file into dow directory (normally Programfiles>THQ>DAWNOFWAR-DARKCRUSADE/SOULSTORM) 

>start up dawn of war dark crusade or soulstorm (whichever u placed it into) and choose tripping the rift from
the map selection.


Years before the Icey planet of Vuyong III was discovered by man, An ancient eldar Craftworld, a massive 
Starship, plunged out of the sky and burried itself into the ice and snow deep into the planet in a blazing inferno
killing millions of eldar. Two thousand years later, Mankind stumbled across this lifless planet and deemed it
unworthy of their attention, that was untill they saw eldar technology buried in the snow. Lucifer, the captain of
this planetary expedition called for a mass excavation of the area. More and more eldar technology was found in 
wreckage beneith the ice, but before excavation crew could do a thourough enough dig, they had to leave to continue
their galaxy wide expedition planning to return later, to retrieve what infomation they could about what had happend

But the humans dwelled too deep, they re-awoke the craftworld, and it cried out. Farseer Arienal responded to her
once thriving craftworld and called upon her men, they arrive at the planet through webway, finding that the ice
had turned to water and craftworld slightly revealed. They repaired what they could, but an unstability in one
of the main webway generators caused small concentrations of webway energy, if connected these can be used in the
same sense as a webway gate, Farseer Arienal called down her most trusted Warp spiders to do the job. 

But this task would not be as easy as first intended, because the humans arrived back at Vuyong III, and after 
discovering the eldar's plan, they divised one of their own, they called a Space Marine Cannon Fodder down to the
planet, along with a Veteran of Assault. With instructions The Veteran Assault Marine set about connecting these
'Rifts' so that they may use the eldars very technology against them and claim the craftworld that lay beneith
their feet.


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