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The Twin Towers, is a single player scenario with many possible variations. A great bastion of evil has erupted from the warp in a massive a...


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The Twin Towers, is a single player scenario with many possible variations. A great bastion of evil has erupted from the warp in a massive assault upon your fortress. You are allowed to choose one race to be your ally in this great conflict. You will have that race's buildings, armies, and have your squad and vehicle caps lifted to accommodate for them. If you liked the concept of “Bloody Corner” you might really get into this! Choose up to 7 allied enemies to fight, depending on how difficult you want it to be. The enemies can all be of the same race, or a variety of races. Enemies also have their caps boosted, so be careful how many you go against!

This is a good map to develop both defensive and offensive strategies since you will have to master both to win. If you find it too hard, or not quite challenging enough, there are secrets in the readme that can give you an added boost. The evil side of the map has very little in the way of decals and entities as that is where the thickest battles tend to take place and it helps slower computers keep up. All the same I did what I could with the heightmap and background texture to make a cozy chaos castle. Enjoy!

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Twin Towers 1.0
Made by Philip Young (Redeemed74)
Using EZScar-2-017B.scar

Made for Soulstorm but partially compatible with Dark Crusade, where you will just have less races to fight and none of the Chaos Shrines on the enemy bastion.

This siege scenario is designed for 1 against up to 7.  You can customize it to fight against the number, race(s) and intelligence of enemies you like, choose your win conditions and  run any mod you like as well.  This is not completely functional with full race mods yet.  You can use them as your primary race but will have to build all your own buildings.  Right now it is only made for single player but one of these days I might get around to releasing the map as 3 vs 3 for multiplayer.  

To install this scenario, unpack the contents of the zip file to your mulitplayer scenarios folder.
Dark Crusade:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.

If this directory does not exist, create the Data/Scenarios/MP folder (the
parent part should have been created by your game install).  On Vista, you may
find this directory in c:/users/[YourName]/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/THQ

Unpacking should create a "Data/Scenarios/MP/loading" directory with the loading 
image for Twin Towers in it.

Along with this map is the documentation for EZScar and the latest version of the EZScar script.  You are welcome to use and-or modify in part or in whole the Twin_Towers_1vs7.scar script for your own map or mod and do not need to ask for any specific permission.  Please do mention, though, that you are using EZScar and keep its header intact.  

Tips and Tricks:

The strategically placed  turrets belong to player 7 and landmines to player 8.  If you don't want either keep those players “closed”.  

When you start you will be given a builder unit for every available race.  Move the builder of your choice into the glowing beam and you will receive a full set of buildings and increased caps.  You will be able to make all the units and vehicles of this race, but will only be able to build the structures of your primary race.  If you just want buildings of your primary race, move the builder of that race who appeared in the ring with the rest into the beam.

Dark Eldar don't work very well as an ally race since their special powers cannot be triggered.  Tau also do not receive all the buildings they need to be complete either.  You are best off choosing either of these as your primary race if you really want them.  Orks do work fine as either primary or secondary and since their squad cap is based on Ork Resource you will be able to have a truly massive army.

You start off owning all the points on your side, but only those very close to you will receive listening posts.  You can have an advanced forward base if you so choose, just open the  Twin_Towers_1vs7.scar file in notepad, find the “Tweak 1” which will tell you how to do it.  Other tweaks exist that will increase your caps even more, keep the enemies from getting their forward bases,  keep the enemy caps at normal, or allow for “turbo insane” (where the enemy caps are very high and you basically have to deny them resources to stop them).  You may want to try a few different ways until you find the gaming style that you like best.

I should let you know that utilizing tweaks can make it hard to manage replays.  If you want to share a replay you will have to save the Twin Towers scar file exactly has you had it when you played and bundle them together.

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