Urban Warfare SE (6)

Here we go its done for anyone who was waiting for it this is a remake of my old map form pack III Urab Warfare this is NOT a patch but enti...


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Here we go its done for anyone who was waiting for it this is a remake of my old map form pack III Urab Warfare this is NOT a patch but entirley new experiance bassed of feedback and my orginal plans for the map and for those of you with lower spec PC ive delt with the lag but this means 6v6 rahter than 4v4.

Works with DC & SS

Changes Are below:

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Download 'urban_warfare_se.zip' (1.34MB)

Do to the unholy amount of changes involved in this it wouldn’t feel right to call it V2 so it’s the SE (special Edition) Version. Of my favourite map of my creation I first came with the idea for a full-scale city a while ago and got a bit lost this remedies this with a 512x512 fully urban hell. Now this map is my best work I have done in my opinion and have therefore (hopefully) included working mm & icon files


3v3 to fix lag issues 
Full road system with light cover along them for encourage you to use them
Power plants removed and replaced with critical points with contrasting areas
Lots more green areas
Removed the grey cathedral and added an Imperial base
Lit lampposts along the road ways
Actual depressions in the craters
Crater changed to heavy cover to give more defence than roads 
All building give heavy cover
Removed several strategic points as it was a bit much
2 points at start to encourage city travelling
Highway removed and added with a cliff mainly accessible only by jumpers changed to mainly due to AI problems (elder sneak attack ftw)
Removed the heavy affects on the death streets still negative cover but less flames
Added depressions recession to the street
Crashed Thunderhawk
Impass Edit should be perfect now including lampposts =)
Much more violent do to resource struggles
Designed for more tactical play a bit like TTRU 
Works with DC&SS

To contact: XIXReaperXIX (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) UK

Legal stuffs: This is mine =) if you wish to use it in any way contact me ill say yes but just for formalities do it anyway and give me credit and credit to redeemed74 if you use the _icon or _mm files

Redeemed74 - _icon & _mm files you have him to thank for the non green mini-map and starting locations
Redemed74- A few Ideas and play testing
Redemed74- Screenshots < I didn’t even ask 

Install to:

SS = C:/Programfiles/thq/soulstorm/w40k/data/scenario/MP

DC = c:/programfiles/thq/darkcrusade/DXP2/data/scenario/MP

Yes this is another manual install its not particularly hard to do and making an installer for a map would make it seem…Over pretentious and self Righteous

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