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This is my second map, After playing Fuggles' Kronus map i wanted to make my own for ages and hav only latly been able to...So this i...


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This is my second map, After playing Fuggles' Kronus map i wanted to make my own for ages and hav only latly been able to...So this is a 7 player map based on a planet called Valemos V. originally i had the idea for the commanders to come back if they die but after ages and ages (fuggles helped me getting it working but after a while it stopped not matter what i did so i removed it) instead i changed the scar a bit so if you capture the Titan's critical location u will get some men depending on ure race, and there is a few tunnels around the map (necron tunnels) that will take you to and away from the necron catacomb's if you capture the relic in the middle of the catacombs then you will get 3 monolith's (from winter assault). And one last thing, all the races are set to their own base's, if you go random starting position then you will end up as race that goes with that starting position.

Now for the Fluff

On the lonly planet of Valemos V the Imperial guard were testing out their new titanwhen a malfunction caused it to self destruct and if fell in the sands of Valemos V. hundreads of years later The guardsmen of The 101st Titan Excavators arrived on Valemos V to repair the Titan back to its greater Form, But the Chaos of the Night Lords legion sensed the movemtnt on Valemos V and brought their finest warriors and a warp storm the increase their strength to the distant planet. With the Knoledge of Chaos on Valemos V the Emperor sent The Angels chapter of space marines, who landed on the most southern point of Valemos V mainland and set up base in the abandoned Facilities based there. When theres Humies for the Bashin the Orks can always be trusted to be there, gorgutz arrived with his mighty wgh!, he retreated from the Kaurava System for a smaller battle that he could win with ease. For some unknown reason the Tau empire have been keeping a close eye on the Orks, monitering their movemtns and their behavior, they based themselves on a small island just of the coast of the Icey regions of Valemos V where the orks were based. When the chaos brought the warp storm to Valemos V the necrons awoke beneith the sands of Valemos V, maybe it was the warp storm? or maybe it was because there was living for the pickings, as soon as the Necrons awoke the Ancient websails in the jungles of Valemos V flickerd into life, allowing eldar big and small to floor through to fight off the undead foe... Only one race will leave Valemos with their goal complete, each fighting for what they belive in, each one ready to give all to claim the treasures....of Valemos V....

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Simple Enough to install just drop the inside of the Valemos V zip folder into your dow directory then u can play it from ure map selections

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