Vehicles Only Mod 1.1

Ok guys, Killa is back in business.I've tested this mod and i must say its a bit.... blerh....Basically it removes the need for infa...


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Ok guys, Killa is back in business.

I've tested this mod and i must say its a bit.... blerh....

Basically it removes the need for infantry and super charges all tanks and relic units leading to full on tank warfare! good for people who like that sore of thing, not so good for people who don't.

Download if you wish,

Killa :cool:

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Download '' (6.92MB)

just replace the .module and folder to your soul storm directory.
1.1 changes
Most research pertaining to infantry have been removed.

Space marines
landspeeder can detect infiltrated troops.
whirlwind can detect infiltrated troops.
infantry researches disabled,
support cap research available at armory instead of hq.

added bloodthirster, research available at hq after requirements are met.
chaos sorcerer available at q, no upgrades for him available, he there so u can summon the bloodthirster.
predator can detect infiltrated troops.

aspect portal added back in to enable turrets but all upgrades and units have been disabled(except for avatar)
avatar available at aspect portal when requirements are met.
nightwings bright lances can attack ground units.
all bright lance weapons have had there damage slightly increased
nightwing can detect infiltrated troops.
vyper can detect infiltrated troops.

fixed the issue with it building sluggas.
wartruck can detect infiltrated units.
grotts can detect infiltrated units.

dark eldar
reavers can detect infiltrated units
ravens can detect infiltrated troops

imperial guard
chimera can detect infiltrated troops
sentinels can detect infiltrated troops
replaced lemun russ skin with winter original dow single player lemun russ skin

sisters of battle
penitent engine can detect infiltrated troops
rhino’s can detect infiltrated troops

fixed tau’s inability to build vehicles
added barracks to enable further teching but removed troops.
Greater knarlock available at ethereal building once requirements have been met.

Necron destroyer lord has some necon lord abilities available (solar pulse, chromatron, phase shift, and viel of darkness)
Replaced restored monolith skin with skin from original winter assault monolith.(works the same)
Destroyer lord can turn into deceiver or night bringer (only one at a time even though you can build two destroyer lords ^^)
BE WARNED!!! Once your research nightbringer/deceiver for destroyer lord they lose ability to posses enemy vehicles!

Known issues
Some ai still use commanders such as tau.
Ai still not very good with mod
Sob somehow build tau buildings sometimes

this mod is for those who love to play with vehicles!

vehicle caps been increased to 40
infantry gottin rid of...

known issues
(computer still use heroes, one build form hq)

necrons and dark eldar can each build just one infantry squad
(wraith and dark eldar fuys on boards ^^)

any suggestion to balance this more plz let me know at
builder units can now capture points

some vehicles from every race can capture points (ex: sm dreadnought)
have fun!

(this is my first mod so please dont flame^^)

If u want to use this in any of your projects go ahead! but just give me credit were its due!


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