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Verdant Valley is eight player map, that is sorta inspired by the famous Warcraft 3 custom map - Tower Defence. Although this isn't TD per say, it does have the feel of it since 5 players on one team have to move across a valley and reach the enemy team which are stationed on top of the valley. A dunting task for the first team, but hopefully having two extra players will help leverage the tide of battle. A unique feature is that you can assume command of up to two AI ally races ingame. There are many chokepoints and plenty of cover that the thoughtful strategist can make good use of. All the same, taking the priceless relics of Verdant Valley from your foes will be no easy task, as the enemy races greatly outnumber your own and are grouped together forming a strong defence. The many decals and high squad caps make this map best for higher end computers (but if you can play DOW II this should be fine!)

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Verdant Valley 1.0
Made by Philip Young (Redeemed74)
Using EZScar-2-019B.scar 

Compatible with for Soulstorm and Dark Crusade.

To install this scenario, unpack the contents of the zip file to your mulitplayer scenarios folder.
Dark Crusade:
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.
C:/Program Files/THQ/Dawn of War/Soulstorm/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP folder.

If this directory does not exist, create the Data/Scenarios/MP folder (the
parent part should have been created by your game install). On Windows Vista, you may
find this directory in c:/users/[YourName]/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/THQ

Unpacking should create a "Data/Scenarios/MP/loading" directory with the loading 
image for Twin Towers in it.

Along with this map is the documentation for EZScar and the latest version of the EZScar script. You are welcome to use and-or modify in part or in whole the Twin_Towers_1vs7.scar script for your own map or mod and do not need to ask for any specific permission. Please do mention, though, that you are using EZScar and keep its header intact. 

Game Setup:

It is very important to use fixed starting positions and Players set teams.  You can leave any slots closed that you like, grouping active players on two different teams 1-3  and 4-8.  

The actual difficulty level will only vary slightly from Standard to Insane because of the forward bases.  To make the game easier, have fewer enemies.  1 = Easy, 2 = Standard, 3, Hard, 4 = Harder = 5 = Insane.  Giving a mix of enemies will make it harder since you will have to contend with more of a variety of abilities.

A number of objectives will work although this scenario was mostly designed for Annihilate or Destroy Headquarters.   

All the standard races work although Tau often will have both Kuyon and Mon'tka command, giving them a slight advantage.  The squad and vehicle caps are increased for massive battles although it doesn't affect the ork population, making them slightly weaker opponents.  New Race Mods will not receive a forward base or honor guard, but should still be able to play as long as they do not significantly change existing races.

Player1 may assume command of the AI players on the team.  Move the captain unit you receive in your honor guard to the glowing beacon near the player1 base.  You can do this at any time in the game, and suddenly all the buildings and squads belonging to the AI player(s) will become yours.  You can continue building squads and preforming upgrades, but will not be able to make any more buildings of a different race.  If your captain unit dies before taking command, the beacon will disappear and you will no longer have the option.  Taking command can be done in multiplayer, and another another human player should be unaffected.  When you take command, you are awarded +20 squad and vehicle caps for each player you now control to simulate multiple races.  

Many modifications are possible within the Verdant_Valley_(3vs5).scar script.  Just open it in Notepad and search for “Tweak”.  You can turn the Fog of War off for the whole map, adjust the squad and vehicle caps for the players, prevent the enemies from having forward bases and even set the enemy to be perpetually on the attack.  Those who enjoy scripting can modify their honor guard, although this does take more skill than the simpler “tweaks”.   Caution:  to play with a modified script in multiplayer mode you must all have identical copies of the script.  I suggest keeping a copy of the original one somewhere so you can always go back to it.

Tips and Tricks: (Caution, may contain spoilers! Adventurous players scan just get started, but if you become disgruntled with the map or are of the more cautions type this may be of help to you.)
Defeating one or two enemy players should not be that difficult – it will play like a fairly ordinary map.  But you are likely to find that with 3 or more you will need to do some strategic planning, or have a very long game.  It is unlikely that the enemy will defeat you but you could 
find yourself in a perpetual battle with heavy losses on both sides.  The standard tricks of deepstriking in dreadnoughts or teleporting in Big Mek with a squad of Nobs are not so likely to be effective with the enemy bases so close together.  There are several winning strategies depending on what race you choose, but you may find that the right mix of races are needed to successfully bulldoze your way into the heart of the enemy's stronghold.  Have fun!

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