Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

Download from our collection of mods, maps, campaigns and skins for the first expansion pack set in Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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Banners & Badges SpaceWolf Company Björn Sturmwolf

Some more angry hairy space vikings with teeth for you guys, if you like hairy drunk marines download. If not, download. - Heretic/Abbado...


Skins Cain's Regiments

Here are two Imperial Guard Regiments based on those found in the Black Library book, "The Traitor's Hand", by Sandy Mitchell. If you've n...


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2 Players Outpost Battles

Another first map here. No screen shots so again i'm not sure what to say about this one! All i can say really is download if you wish....


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5 Players Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress 2.2 You have a full base and unlimited requisition, but the enemy is deeply entrenched. And gazing from your headqu...


Mods Dawn of Suck 1.1

This version pretty much leans toward the Imperial Guard. They have a new unit,the Railgun, but no new models. The Space Marines are...


Mods Dawn of Suck

A mod, titled "Dawn of Suck". Author's first mod, says it targets the space marines and Imperial Guard. Give a shot! -colonialhockey10


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Mini Mods Lamenters Mod

I started this mod 2 years ago, and it was basically a reskin of the blood ravens so you could play the original campaign with some of medes...


Mappack Nerdsturm's Mappack III

This is a mappack by Nerdsturm containing 4 maps for DoW:Winter Assault. They are... -Crankshaft, 8 player (4v4) -In the Hall of the Moun...


Banners & Badges Random Badges and Banners

This contains 5 vadges and 5 banners (10 in total), of which 4 are actually random. The 6 remaining are either Mafia or Police badges/banner...


Banners & Badges Family Guy Badges&Banners

Very simple, just a few more badges and banners based on the TV show: Family Guy. Contains 6 Badges and 6 Banners. Enjoy!


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2 Players Meltdown

This could be possibly one of my favourite 2-player map of all time. It is extremely well decaled, and very well balanced. Also here we hav...


Mods 40kTTE

This version is a sort of beta for the WA version which had been cancelled to concentrate on the Dark Crusade one. The actual chan...


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Mods Thousand Sons (Phill's Mod)

This mod simulates the Thousand Sons but has nothing to do with the well-known 'Thousand Sons' mod. I've just been wanting to play...


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Mods Marine Mod

A mod making Space Marines more potent. If you like your games perfectly balanced, this isn't for you, but it's great fun for the rest of...


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4 Players Taranik

Tanarik city. This is a city based map, and looks to be quite good quality. Another map from warmaster_dan. - Guzzy


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Mods DoWpro v1.66 Hotfix for Winter Assault

This is a Hotfix for the Winter Assault version of DoWpro taking v1.60 to v1.66. After installed, you'll have the latest and final version...


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Maps DoWpro Mappack #1

A map pack for the Winter Assault version of DoWpro.


2 Players Nemtah Tombworld

Quite a nice 2 player map here, based upon a Necron World. My only dislike is that its two players, it could have been made for 4, or more,...


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Mods 40ktte v0.8.5 Beta (Winter Assault Version)

The first Beta release for the 40ktte Mod. It's aimed to recreate the atmosphere of the 41st millenium battles in a more realistic way than...


2 Players Snow Trenches

For the basic map that it is, it doesn't look that bad. Kinda gives a WW1 / WW2 feel in the respect of trenches, just in the snow. - Ash


Packs Imperial Guard Badges

Here we have a nice, large set of badges and banners. They are based upon the imperial guard, and look good on em :D go download now!...


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2 Players Concrete Jungle

Prepare to pollute thine britches with delight! Concrete Jungle has finally been finished! Now with extra homeless people. :D So yeah I star...


4 Players The Great Defense

Hey everyone. This is a map done by myself. I have been working on this map for the last 2-3 months. It is a 1vs3 battle :eek: with the...


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Mappack The Symmetry Collection

"The Symmetry Collection: A collection or mappack of balanced symmetrical barebone 8 Player maps for betatesting balance mods and...


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2 Players Volistad Winter Edition

Here we have a moderatly well layed out map. I like how this map looks, and feels. So if you do too, then go give it a download! :) :borg...


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2 Players Smaltov

Here we have a first map by the looks of it. It looks slightly plain, but will probably make for a nice quick little game. Give feedback so...


2 Players Hold Them Back

Well... This is a two-player map, which is fairly plain, and doesn't seem to be much. I'd be lying if I said I thought a lot of effort had g...


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2 Players Hold Them Back

Hey guys I'm back from my long (very long) hiatus, and ill start off by posting this 1v1 map made by a mapper who has submitted his first ma...


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2 Players Netherial

Here we have a nice jungle/city themed map. It is 1vs1 and doesnt look to bad at all if i must say so myself :p 6.5/10 from me :borg:B...


4 Players The Perils of the Warp

Many of you may now of one of my first maps "The Perils of the Warp", it was quite a popular map for me. This map is somewhat a remake,...


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2 Players Netherial

Well, from what it says in the ReadMe, we have ourselves a rather big 2 player map. Though, this doesn't come with any screenshots. - Ash


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2 Players Village Wasteland

A pretty cool looking first map here. From what the name implies, I assume you play in some sort of a village, & from the readme its also ba...


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2 Players Mountain Side

This 1 versus 1 map is the authors first ever map, which looks good for a first try. I cant really say anything since there is only one scr...


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2 Players The Trench Battle

This 1v1 map features a trench warfare style of battlefield, although it has poor detail the map makes up for its high fun factor Also,...


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2 Players Orky Island

This 1 versus 1 map features, great environments and great map balance. Not only that, but it also has a orky theme to it! Go get it!...


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Mini Mods Terminator Sergeant Mod

Same idea as the Scout Sergeant mod, but this mod add a Terminator Sergeant for the space marine Terminator squads. -Slash


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Mini Mods Scout Sergeants

This is a Scout Sergeant Mod for Dawn of War 1.51. The author of this mod continued on the original mod by Vertigo. It allows a sergea...


Mods Tabletop Round-up mod

TTRU fans start doing your happy dance! The final release of TTRU mod for Winter Assault is here! With new units like the War Hound Titan a...


4 Players Jungle Damn

A fairly nice map, with what appears to be a lot of wrackage. I like this to be honest, has a nice feel to it, though it wasn't quite the \...


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4 Players Desert of Khorne

From the Mail:This is another map from me again. I think it is really good. No screenshots: my pc too crap to take em now. Please cou...


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2 Players Jungle Assault

A 1vs1 map set in what looks like rolling plains. I'm assuming there is a jungle in there too, somewhere. Lots of control points and on...


Mappack Map Makers Mod: Mappack 1

This mappack brings you five new, unique maps for Dawn of War: Winter Assault! Note, the maps should work fine in Dark Crusade as well.


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3 Players Snowy Pass

This is a 3 player map for Winter Assault, based in a winter environment this map looks pretty good. The layout and design of the map is we...


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Movies Steel Legion for Winter Assault Trailer

This was the preview trailer made for the DoW: Winter Assault mod Steel Legion. Currently the only fully realised and released race mod expa...


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3 Players Mountain Siege

For a first map, I quite like it, though it does seem a little too yellow / green. Could also do with being more players, but enough with th...


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6 Players Icy Wasteland

This 6player map is based on an icy world with many races battling for control of the planet. This is the developer's 1st map, so go easy....


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4 Players Fear

Umm... strange one here. This should be played without vehicles (or the mod "Heroes") or it'll fall apart. This is small & i'd assume is use...


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2 Players Kirons Swamp

A 1 versus 1 swamp based map...looks pretty good. If your into 1v1's then i guess you should add this to your collection of maps. -Slash


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Maps The Green

Well... Here we have a map, I don't know how many players, and I don't know anything (storyline-wise) about it because the submitter faile...


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3 Players Forlorn Hope

A resonable 3-player map scattered with wrecks and suchlike. The users 2nd map submission, to him, better than the first. I'm sure he'll w...


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Movies IG Fan Trailer

A near-3-minute video of the Imperial Guard. A rather big file too, though I guess that comes with the format. - SSA


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Mods Dawn of Skirmish AI Winter Assault

The ever-popular Dawn of Skirmish AI is back for Winter Assault, version 1.51! If the AI doesn't scare you now, it certainly will after...


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8 Players The Perils of the Warp

Second version of Perils of the Warp made by the author. Very nice map design, i like it overall...it looks hellish :D -Slash


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6 Players Mountain Pass

A six player map in set in the winter time, looks pretty detailed in my opinion. Also it was previously called "King of the Hill", the auth...


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8 Players Khaine Delta

Pretty cool looking 8player Winter Assault map. Whoever made this MUST be a pro ;) ! No seriously though, this map is set in an icy deathwor...


No Screenshot
6 Players Ergus

Here we have another nice new map (one that I think looks pretty good, though I can't work out why a part of it around the outside isn't c...


2 Players Last Resort

A hotly-contested frozen wasteland can be home to all your Dawn of War: Winter Assault battles here. Small 1vs1 map makes for quick, fast...


8 Players Perils of the Warp (8)

This Winter Assault map is fought on what appears to be a Khorne-infested Daemon world. Best played 4vs4! Map by BIO_Ultra_.


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6 Players King of the Hill (6)

A King of the Hill-style map named, well, King of the Hill! Fought in 3vs3 combat over a winter landscape, this map looks good for all yo...


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4 Players City Ruins

This 4-player Winter Assault map is fought over the shelled ruins of an old city. Very few structures are left standing, and the rest is...