Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

Download from our collection of mods, maps, campaigns and skins for the first expansion pack set in Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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Banners & Badges SpaceWolf Company Björn Sturmwolf

Some more angry hairy space vikings with teeth for you guys, if you like hairy drunk marines download. If not, download. - Heretic/Abbado...


Skins Cain's Regiments

Here are two Imperial Guard Regiments based on those found in the Black Library book, "The Traitor's Hand", by Sandy Mitchell. If you've n...


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2 Players Outpost Battles

Another first map here. No screen shots so again i'm not sure what to say about this one! All i can say really is download if you wish....


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5 Players Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress 2.2 You have a full base and unlimited requisition, but the enemy is deeply entrenched. And gazing from your headqu...


Mods Dawn of Suck 1.1

This version pretty much leans toward the Imperial Guard. They have a new unit,the Railgun, but no new models. The Space Marines are...


Mods Dawn of Suck

A mod, titled "Dawn of Suck". Author's first mod, says it targets the space marines and Imperial Guard. Give a shot! -colonialhockey10


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Mini Mods Lamenters Mod

I started this mod 2 years ago, and it was basically a reskin of the blood ravens so you could play the original campaign with some of medes...


Mappack Nerdsturm's Mappack III

This is a mappack by Nerdsturm containing 4 maps for DoW:Winter Assault. They are... -Crankshaft, 8 player (4v4) -In the Hall of the Moun...


Banners & Badges Random Badges and Banners

This contains 5 vadges and 5 banners (10 in total), of which 4 are actually random. The 6 remaining are either Mafia or Police badges/banner...


Banners & Badges Family Guy Badges&Banners

Very simple, just a few more badges and banners based on the TV show: Family Guy. Contains 6 Badges and 6 Banners. Enjoy!


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2 Players Meltdown

This could be possibly one of my favourite 2-player map of all time. It is extremely well decaled, and very well balanced. Also here we hav...


Mods 40kTTE

This version is a sort of beta for the WA version which had been cancelled to concentrate on the Dark Crusade one. The actual chan...


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Mods Thousand Sons (Phill's Mod)

This mod simulates the Thousand Sons but has nothing to do with the well-known 'Thousand Sons' mod. I've just been wanting to play...


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Mods Marine Mod

A mod making Space Marines more potent. If you like your games perfectly balanced, this isn't for you, but it's great fun for the rest of...


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4 Players Taranik

Tanarik city. This is a city based map, and looks to be quite good quality. Another map from warmaster_dan. - Guzzy


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Mods DoWpro v1.66 Hotfix for Winter Assault

This is a Hotfix for the Winter Assault version of DoWpro taking v1.60 to v1.66. After installed, you'll have the latest and final version...


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Maps DoWpro Mappack #1

A map pack for the Winter Assault version of DoWpro.


2 Players Nemtah Tombworld

Quite a nice 2 player map here, based upon a Necron World. My only dislike is that its two players, it could have been made for 4, or more,...


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Mods 40ktte v0.8.5 Beta (Winter Assault Version)

The first Beta release for the 40ktte Mod. It's aimed to recreate the atmosphere of the 41st millenium battles in a more realistic way than...


2 Players Snow Trenches

For the basic map that it is, it doesn't look that bad. Kinda gives a WW1 / WW2 feel in the respect of trenches, just in the snow. - Ash