Dawn of Skirmish Winter Assault AI makes final release!

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Thudmeizer and his Dawn of Skirmish AI team have made their final release for Winter Assault! The file is for Winter Assault 1.51 only, and is the last step on bringing awesome AI to our favourite game. This is not the end of the road, however. Now the mod team plans to turn their attention to Dark Crusade! Progress is here: [quote]Advanced AI for DC has been making considerable strides in the last couple of days. Arkhan and I have been enhancing, tweaking, and cleaning things up. Both Necrons and Tau fully work (although Necrons need some extra attention). Tau totally own in Tier1 and 2. Before they were have problems with early map dominance, now with the Tau Commander being able to upgrade its weapons + 2 FW squads with both its SquadLead and Drone built its just nasty. Granted, its not 100% ownage all the time but the AI is clearly "at home" with Tau. Necrons will be tweaked further -- they are very different in terms of gameplay and thus require more optimizations to get it right. All other 5 original DoW/WA factions are brilliant as they are. We'll have a complete list of changes (ie. SM now use Skullprobes to detect infiltrated and increase attached squad's weapon range thus SKullprobes are used now as often as Apothacaries.. also.. Eldar now use Webways to hide assets of their presence - we're debating on whether to have the Eldar build em only at homebase or build one at homebase and the rest near LPs near the battlefield.. its a gamble but I've played many games this way and the AI handles it extraordinarily well while maintaining squad/support cap). More details to follow soon! [/quote] And now, for those who play Winter Assault you may download the last version of WA AI enhancement [b][file="72142"]here![/file][/b]

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