Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault
4 Players

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All Files In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault 4 Players
4 Players Snowblind

A vicious snow squall will be an impediment in your mission. This fortress was recently excavated from a glacier. It had been a hidden recon...


4 Players Icefields

A large 2v2 or Free for all snowscape map, Winter Assault version adds new features to the map. Revised Edition Changes: - Relics added...


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4 Players Dragonslayer

This is this developer's second map; It's large (for a four player map) enough for some serious stratagies to be played out, and has the...


4 Players Critical Location

You start in a small, easily defended area that is fenced off in the corners of the map; Beyond your enclosure is no mans land. This is no p...


4 Players Imperial Castle

This is a a nice map for some great gameplay; You begin in a castle, and you're pitted against two enemies on the other side of the river....


4 Players Titan Excavation: Day I (Morning)

Well, I bet you're wondering what this is all about, right? If you are, then here; The developer is attempting to do a map series based: *...


4 Players The Otherside

This is a map called The Other Side; It's a 2 vs 2, meant for a good take and hold game and also annihilation. There is a warp tunnel which...


4 Players Outpost Macragge

During the battle for macragge countless waves of tyranids keep on swarming the imperials, so the space marines and imperial guard have set...


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4 Players Valaans Hold

This formidable fortress was erected in tribute to the great Inquisitor Valaan. The temple mount forms the shape of his legendary Mace....


4 Players Pathfinder

This map is more experimental to see how the community thinks about it, so please give feedback if you want more of this or better not.


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4 Players Path in the hills

A hilly area with a couple of winding paths through the hills. The slim paths make it hard to use machines, which limits you mostly to troop...


4 Players Urban Assault

2v2 map for Winter Assault, based in an urban atmosphere.


4 Players Helms Deep

The fate of mankind swings on the outcome of this battle. Only one side may prevail. The lives of millions are in your hands.. use them wise...


4 Players Battlefield of Rasach

This 2v2 map features half-urban and half-jungle terrain, making for some interesting play strategies. It contains roughly 20 strategic poin...


4 Players Corail Cliff

A vast water-surface battleground. Players are set in each corner and have their own strategic point - 4 in all. The map plays very well in...


4 Players Across Border

2vs2 map that is set in a vast valley with high areas and low areas. Best played in take and hold. Note: If you find missing textu...


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4 Players Valle de la Muerte

This 2v2 map features 10 strategic points, 4 relics, and 3 strategic objectives.


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4 Players Playa Sangrienta

This 2v2 map contains 14 strategic points, 4 relics, and 3 strategic objectives.


4 Players Outside Familiar Ground

Well, this is a four player map of which disables some units from going places. There isn't much from the readme or screenshots to look at s...


4 Players Death Ally

This snowy city map, Death Ally, is a 2v2 map based on the first mission in the DoW:WA campaign.


4 Players Rolling Plains

This 4-player plains-style map has very little cover, creating for some intense gameplay. It contains 14 strategic points, 2 relics, and 3 c...


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4 Players Kasr Angelis

This 2v2 map has one team defending Kasr Angelis from Ork invaders.


4 Players Imperial Holdout

Imperial forces station at the artic tunda spaceport have been smashed by the chaos. Space marine reinforcements trapped most of the chaos i...


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4 Players Cathedral of the Holy Shrine

This 2v2 (or 4-player free-for-all) map features a large cathedral, as the name suggests, in the center of a snowy area.