Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault
4 Players

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All Files In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault 4 Players
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4 Players Artic Encampment

The Artic world of Los Antiquidor was attacked by the tainted warriors of chaos in 40,5151. In an attempt to protect their main port on the...


4 Players Arena of Khorne

Another four player map for the DOW community, this one in the depths of Chaos darkness. Looks alright by the screenshots, and a nice feel t...


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4 Players Snow Forts

It's a snowball fight, Warhammer style! This time around you've got two extra players, though. Players start on the four corners of the ma...


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4 Players Factory Sector

Lypis Secondus has been cleansed of the Chaos taint that infested the continent. Ordo Daemonhunters have now been sent to Lypis Primus to se...


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4 Players Daemonworld

This four-player map is set in a daemon world with a lake of blood, and many other dark features.


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4 Players Glacia Prime

This wintery 2v2 map is based on a world called Glacia Prime. It is designed for play as Space Marines & Imperial Guard vs Chaos, Eldar, Ork...


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4 Players Antigus Mountains

The sight of a ruined ancient temple, its god long forgotten, is now a key strategic location for all armies wishing a foot hold into this s...


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4 Players The Last Stand

This 4-player map is designed for 1v3 combat for a quick, bloody battle.


4 Players Lake Acrimony

This 4-player map features a variation of the St. Huldrych Causeway theme. There are several ways to assault the enemy,...


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4 Players Adeptus Astartes Temple

This 4-player jungle map is set on the planet Armageddon. It contains various relic shrines with one, central shrine that acts as the critic...


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4 Players Cathedral of Saint Angelica

Another Map (this one being four players) with a nice general layout along with some dead corpses lying about here and there ;) - SSA


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4 Players The Assault On Hill 60

This is the re-submitted version of "The Assault On Hill 60" seeing as there were problems with the first (it didn't work). Original F...


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4 Players The Shrine

Well, going from the screenshots, this is another basic but neat map of four players. - SSA


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4 Players River City

This is a 8 player-map for Dawn of War - Winter Assault. There are 4 Teams. Each team has 2 players. 2 teams are in the City. 2 are outsid...


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4 Players Volcanic Zone

This is a four player map for Dawn of War-Winter Assault. In this map there are: 1 critical location 3 relics 12 strategic points


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4 Players D-Day

4 player map best played on 2v2. 16 strategic points o critical location(couldnt find a good place for them) 2 relics


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4 Players Solis

This map is based on the map "andiftheylayusdowntorest". This very large map is ideal for 4-player games.


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4 Players Fort Assault

This map is designed such that take-and-hold missions are ideal. A large riverbed separates oncoming forces from defensive forces as players...


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4 Players Ranis Prime

This 2v2 map is based on Ranis Prime, the homeworld of the Space Marines.


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4 Players Tainted Grounds

This is a 4 player map for dawn of war winter assault. The map has a chaos theme to it. Also the critical locations and relics are worth tak...


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4 Players 4p Chaos Fortress

This 2v2 map contains 16 strategic points, 2 critical locations, 2 relics, and 2 slag deposits.


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4 Players Canal District

This 2v2 or FFA map is designed around a bridge. Many foxholes dot the area, providing cover, while the bridge area is exposed.


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4 Players Sinking into the Depths

This 2v2 map takes place on the planet Talassar, where the Chaos and Imperium vie over a chaos relic. It uses many custom decals and may run...


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4 Players Bombarded Pass

The author notes describe it best: I Remember when I was young. When I ran through these snowy plains with my friends, and visited my fat...