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Banners & Badges MX Badges & Banners

Just some random images that don't necessarily go together. I have just compiled what I have finished at this time. The screenshots can tel...


Banners & Badges Tau Banners

Now I know that the current 1.5 Tau beta suffers from the infamous 'Ork banner glitch', But hopefully these badges and banners give the Ta...


Banners & Badges SQpolice B&B

Another Badge & Banner for the DOW community and quite possibly your collection :) - SSA


Banners & Badges Dawn of War Winter Assault Race banners

This is basically a selection of banners for the races in the Dawn of War series. The banners display the race names and an image of a uint...


Banners & Badges Family Guy Badges&Banners

Very simple, just a few more badges and banners based on the TV show: Family Guy. Contains 6 Badges and 6 Banners. Enjoy!


Banners & Badges Random Badges and Banners

This contains 5 vadges and 5 banners (10 in total), of which 4 are actually random. The 6 remaining are either Mafia or Police badges/banner...


Banners & Badges SpaceWolf Company Björn Sturmwolf

Some more angry hairy space vikings with teeth for you guys, if you like hairy drunk marines download. If not, download. - Heretic/Abbado...


No Screenshot
Packs Southeastern Conference

This pack contains 22 badges, 27 banners, and 21 color schemes based on the logos and colors of the universities within the Southeastern Con...


No Screenshot
Packs Mobile Infantry

This pack contains 3 banners and 3 badges based on the worst movie butchering of a great Sci-Fi novel I have ever come across: Starship Tro...


Packs Canada Experience

A nice bade & banner package for Dawn of War (inc. WA) - more info can be found in the readme :) - SSA


Packs 1337 Guard Badges & Banners

Some more Banners & Badges for your Imperial Guardsmen. From the screenshots provided, and from a quick scout through the readme, these look...


No Screenshot
Packs Winglords: B&B

A nice collection of Banners and Badges from various games and such from Winglords. - SSA


Packs Imperial Guard Badges

Here we have a nice, large set of badges and banners. They are based upon the imperial guard, and look good on em :D go download now!...


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