Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

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Mappack Pavonis Map Pack

This map pack includes 3 maps. They all take place on the planet Pavonis, a planet once inhabited by the Necrons.


Mappack Laura City | One Way to Nowheres

There is a Two for One sale going on right now! For the price of one download, you will receive 2 maps! The first map: Laura City...


Mappack kendall2 Mappack

We bring to you a four-for-one sale! With one download, you will receive four maps, all of which show some promise. This mappack con...


Mappack Dawnofwar.de Mappack

This is the installer of the Dawnofwar.de Mappack #1 for Dawn of War: Winter Assault. This Mappack includes 5 awesome 1on1 maps:...


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Mappack Winter Assault Map Pack

Well, from a quick scout through the screenshots, these seem like fun maps, though I would have to question one of them, the "walls" look...


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Mappack Map Pack Nerdsturm

Nerdsturm's Mapppack features 5 maps for DoW:WA: Downtrodden(3v3) King of the Hill(2v2 or FFA) War of Attrition(2v2) Cracking Ice(2v2)...


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Mappack DoW Community Mappack 4

Hi all, We are proud to present to you the 4th incarnation of the Community Mappacks - a selection of absolute top maps from the communit...


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Mappack Freak's Map Pack II

This map pack contains six maps for your playing pleasure: Kasr Gallan, Hades, Ex Infernis, Phalanx, Varestus Prime, and Kasyr Obscura.


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Mappack Map Pack by/ Nerdsturms

One Word: WOW. Just looking at the screenshots alone you can tell how much effort went into this package. A set of three STUNNING maps. I re...


Mappack Map Makers Mod: Mappack 1

This mappack brings you five new, unique maps for Dawn of War: Winter Assault! Note, the maps should work fine in Dark Crusade as well.


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Mappack The Symmetry Collection

"The Symmetry Collection: A collection or mappack of balanced symmetrical barebone 8 Player maps for betatesting balance mods and...


Mappack Nerdsturm's Mappack III

This is a mappack by Nerdsturm containing 4 maps for DoW:Winter Assault. They are... -Crankshaft, 8 player (4v4) -In the Hall of the Moun...