Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
DOW: WA Small Map Pack Aralez 2.83MB 5,962
Training Grounds Lord Sugrue 1.6MB 473
Dese Jungle Aquaduct thegreatuncleanone 533KB 452
British Battles Map Pack A_LONE_HOBO 4.77MB 2,364
Havoc Edition Map Pack Aralez 2.16MB 2,214
Chainsaw Map Pack chainsaw 1.46MB 1,357
Chainsaw Map Pack chainsaw 5.39MB 2,533
Castle Ruosteinen Aralez 589KB 6,565
Crusade & Conquer! Cadianwarrior 2.68MB 3,906
Pavonis jack051093 2.56MB 448
Deadlock [ST]O_Shovah 4.63MB 438
Delphinus XII - Coelacanth Fortress Acturas 3.4MB 4,527
Custom Textures For Across Border EL Furreto 1.94MB 328
Battlefield of Rasach Tozenator 981KB 701
War Wind poo 1.54MB 325
War Wind poo 1.57MB 1,148
Assault on Hill 60 gatordh7 884KB 233
Syrius Sanctorium Jimmy Von Tewi-Eye 932KB 314
Split Ties tator 413KB 314
Canyon of Regret Munich 2.02MB 209
Dog Green Sector Daffy5 1.61MB 676
Jungle Outpost Munich 1.67MB 985
Galigar Space Port Guest 230KB 666
Gates of Hades (Missing Textures) Cerberus_ 2.27MB 234
The Green Guest 3.93MB 1,355
Drawbridge Aralez 794KB 2,537
Last Resort Bloodymess 2.79MB 159
DOW: Winter Assault Barrage Map marius 1.85MB 4,447
Eternal Winter AngelSaphire 1.82MB 1,335
The Path of Martyrs Brimstoneforge 569KB 400
Jungle Morning Listoric 837KB 1,223
Forest Combat Blood_angelz 540KB 414
Frontal Assault Blood_angelz 1.12MB 369
Forest Combat Blood_angelz 1.79MB 547
Trench Invasion red1_1 6.88MB 1,854
Frontal Assault Blood_angelz 2.71MB 570
Jungle Morning Listoric 2.51MB 2,562
Winter Recon Dameous 2.37MB 450
Winter Recon Dameous 7.26MB 553
Snow Action (2P) Master222 1.88MB 364
Da Jungle kendal2 1.51MB 622
Batallas H_a_r_e_M 661KB 624
Knock Knock foxpit 2.78MB 613
Ancient Evil RolfTheSlasher 3.3MB 189
mp_Carbon Etherdragn 3.94MB 462
Retribution LavaDraconis 2.59MB 166
Ice Cemetery Master222 2.94MB 500
Mountain Gorge Theoneandonly 3.38MB 501
Crossing of the River Styx HellRaid 3.08MB 464
Thin Ridge Cerberus_ 3.23MB 213