Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
TS Plus Mod Guest 2.08MB 735
DOWPro DoWpro Team 9.76MB 2,915
WA BattleGround OldMan / Krass 51.75MB 10,679
The Dance Macabre Shingouki 33.02MB 4,869
Winter Assault Scout Sergeant Mod Malhavok's 689KB 906
WA Battleground Patch OldMan / Krass 11.56MB 4,847
Depth Of Heresy kjon 15.03MB 5,214
IG Redesign Sandy Warnstaff 1.56MB 348
Imperial Guard Redesign Sandy Warnstaff 1.81MB 585
IG Redesign Sandy Warnstaff 2.14MB 434
Torture Mod erholmes 1.26MB 1,004
IG Redesign Sandy Warnstaff 2.45MB 893
Terra IG Mod erholmes 208KB 1,909
IG Redesign+ Sandy Warnstaff 3.62MB 1,465
Objective Replacements Compiler 3.28MB 649
DoW Rebirth Mod (0.9) Mirage Knight 57.44MB 2,808
Imperial FF Mod (1.0) Hellocookie 169.38MB 1,839
Imperial FF Mod (1.1) Hellocookie 292.96MB 675
Left-Out Units Mod (1.55) Guest 96.73MB 2,756
Left-Out Units Mod (1.57c) Guest 102.3MB 12,772
Dreadnought of Doom Mod Sniper86 830KB 477
Imperial FF Mod (fixed) Hellocookie 379KB 1,216
Zany Reaper's Winter Assault 'Fatality' Compilation Mod Zany Reaper 23.42MB 2,005
Dreadnought of Doom Mod Sniper86 835KB 3,908
Feral Orks mod kahem 2.8MB 1,406
Lights of the Warp pack Magnor 12.3MB 7,671
IG Defense Mod Hellocookie 145KB 577
Night Shift Night Shift mod team 94.08MB 17,202
Heroes of the Imperium scorpia 8.63MB 4,271
Kill Team 2 Hellocookie 24.75MB 2,866
Battle Fortress Modification Zany Reaper 1.49MB 2,341
Ork Dreadnought Aralez 1.07MB 625
Thunderhawk Deepstrike Guest 1.68MB 1,301
Space Hulk II Br Sgt Burns 96.85MB 20,503
Necron Mod Redemption11 12.55MB 5,830
The True Meaning of War EL Furreto 3.34MB 2,761
Platoons Ethiir 1.54MB 1,561
DOWPro Guest 50.27MB 4,561
Slightly Fluffier Feil 2.37MB 308
Tabletop Round-up Mod Zany Reaper 114.93MB 2,137
Tabletop Round-up Mod Zany Reaper 111.57MB 3,375
DoW40K Daniel Roos 81.52MB 3,630
Ork Swarm Robbie 3.06MB 1,356
Dawn of Skirmish AI Winter Assault Dawn of Skirmish mod team 710KB 1,427
Tabletop Round-up mod Zany Reaper 118.94MB 10,849
Marine Mod Severux 43KB 731
Thousand Sons (Phill's Mod) Guest 3.11MB 2,062
40kTTE Guest 74.61MB 1,890
Dawn of Suck DDman465 90KB 107
Dawn of Suck 1.1 DDman465 261KB 214