Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault

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Textures IG Techpriest Red Cloak Texture

This texture is extremely simple; all it does is permanently set the Techpriest's cloak to red as per fluff.


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Textures Fully Team Coulorable Fire Dragons

Fully teamcoulorable fire dragons


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Textures DOW: Winter Assault Chaplin Texture

This is the new Fluff Textures for the Chaplin from Winter Assault addon for Dawn of war.


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Textures Imperial Guard Camo Buildings

This is a retexture for all Imperial Guard buildings. Grey parts of buildings are changed into camo pattern in 3 colours: -forest -urban...


Textures Iron Hands Terminator

Iron Hands terminators are very rare in w40k world. But they exist. This motivated me to create Terminator for My iron hands retexture set....


Textures Chaos Space Marines With BLOOD

This skin basically adds a skull to the left shoulder pad, makes the eyes a little bit brighter, and adds blood to the armour. have fun w...


Textures Teamcolorable Necrons

I made the necrons from winter assault and havoc's necrons teamcolorable on the primary color,


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Textures 512 Cadian

Welcome to the 512th Cadian Orbital Defence Force The war torn world of Cadia is the only safe passage to the Eye Of Terror, as all Cadia...


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Textures 52nd Colth Mobilized

Welcome to the 52nd Colth Mobilized army colour scheme. The 52nd is a Fictional Imperial Guard regiment that fights in the Warhammer 40,0...